Printing Price Calculator – Remove the Guesswork, Be More Accurate

Printing Price Calculator – Remove the Guesswork, Be More Accurate

Dec 23rd, 2021

Assume for a while that you are on a call with a potential client.

You are likely to get a huge bulk order of different products.

They want a couple of t-shirts in black, a few caps with embroidery on it, and also some greeting cards of various sizes.

Your client is waiting for an estimated price. (Well “waiting” is putting it mildly. They want it ASAP!)

You check different spreadsheets, ask different people, do the manual math.

An hour later you share the quote. But alas! It’s too late. You lose the client because someone else was quick enough to help them.

Luckily there’s a printing price calculator to save such situations. Here’s a complete guide to help you understand the importance of a printing cost calculator, and how you can choose the right one.

An outline of what the post covers:

Why Printing Price Calculator Matters to Your Printing Business

Pricing is an important aspect of the printing business. It affects crucial KPIs whether it’s profit margins, customer trust, or conversion rates.

Business owners often face various challenges in creating an accurate estimate. The reasons for it could be multiple. There might be more than one person creating quotes, or failing to consider unseen factors like packaging, wrapping, boxes, etc.

Additionally, a thing with the print sector is that the pricing is dynamic. Dynamic pricing means that the pricing changes based on the market or other criteria.

In the print sector, for instance, the rates vary depending on several factors like color, fabric, size, length, width, volume, etc.

With multiple factors involved, rises a huge challenge – the challenge of inaccurate estimation. Secondly, the traditional way of sending estimates is time-consuming.

Especially for embroidery printing, counting pricing becomes a bit tricky because of the complexity of embroidery. Here, pricing depends on the thread count, hours of labor, etc. however, such kind of complicated pricing can be handled easily with a pricing calculator.

Businesses in the printing industry are turning to reliable tools to take care of costing and estimation. It saves their time from the manual calculation, avoids repetitive data entry, and ultimately makes their job easier, faster, and efficient.

How You Can Handle Pricing and Quotes Like a Pro

To overcome the above-mentioned challenges in printing costing and estimating, what you need is a printing cost calculator. A Pricing Cost Calculator takes the guesswork out of creating estimations for any order.

It helps you to set the pricing on the basis of different quality and quantity parameters. For example, the fabric of the apparel, dimensions, and area of a product, etc.

You can set rule-based pricing for both simple as well as configurable products. Additionally, the calculator even allows you to create your own custom formulas to be more efficient.

Printing Price Calculator is an important module of PrintXpand, an end-to-end ERP that helps you streamline your back-office operations. On a single interface, you can get visibility of everything that goes on.

It helps optimize all processes, increase profitability, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. Let’s have a closer look at how you can dynamically calculate the price of different orders based on your requirements.

Following are the ways you can benefit from using a Printing price calculator.

  • Calculate costs easily based on parameters like length, area, volume, fabric, and so on.
  • Calculate price based on custom sizes.
  • Set pricing for selling products of various size shapes, etc.
  • Depending on the quantity of the products, auto-generate unite price.
  • Quicken price generation for bulk products.
  • Send estimation emails in real-time to quicken the process
  • Create custom formula
  • Set values (minimum/maximum) for every input box

Learn how a Printing Price Calculator works.


Bonus Point – Streamline quotation management process with a quotation manager

A Print ERP software not only makes calculating print price easy, but it also eases the process of managing quotes. Now you no longer have to spend hours sending quotes to your end customers via calls or emails.

A quotation manager helps you to accept quote requests and send them to clients in real-time. That way, it automates the process to improve efficiency and reduce time.

Whether you sell bulk products or special products, you can simplify online transactions by creating customized quotes. You can even handle multiple aspects of quote exchange like received quotes, exchanged quotes, etc.

Click the link below to read more details about handling quotes using end-to-end ERP software.


Get Ready to Ease Pricing with Printing Cost Estimator

Printing costing and estimating are important to take into consideration when successfully running your business. A pricing calculator is a reliable solution to ensure that you get the best results.

Printing Cost Estimator reduces guesswork and inaccuracy and thus helps streamline the process of setting prices and generating estimates.

Get in touch with us to fully understand how the printing cost calculator works. Share your business requirements with us, and we will get back to you!

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