Here’s EXACTLY Why Your Print Business Need an Updated Software Stack

Here’s EXACTLY Why Your Print Business Need an Updated Software Stack


Yesterday’s tools and systems don’t have what it takes to push your printing business to the other side of the spectrum.

In an industry disrupted by radical digital transformation and changing customer expectations, you need software that keeps your business competitive.

However, rethinking your entire software stack is easier said than done. And we totally get it.


Therefore, in this post, we will help you figure out how you can know when it’s time to look for a new solution.

After working with global print businesses like yours for over 15 years, we have found a secret to re-evaluating the software stack.

You got to look at these signs. If you find your business in a similar situation, then you might be treading water.

Sign 1 - Your business is scaling, but your software isn’t

There are high chances your print business might have outgrown a product you invested in during the early stages.

As you scale, you need a system that supports your business. Without that, it becomes challenging to handle the increased demand that comes with growth.

Say, for instance, you take care of all client communications via email – be it for artwork approval or price quotations.


When the number of orders on a daily basis increases, it becomes overwhelming to maintain email threads. Hence, the need to consider optimizing your existing printing processes using the right software!

Sign 2 - Outdated legacy systems are giving you a tough time

It is very natural for businesses to continue using legacy systems because of their familiarity. Employees neither get stuck on their tasks, nor do they need to ask for help.

However, legacy systems come with a baggage of potential risks. Firstly, they offer limited flexibility in terms of customization. They also can not handle modern technological demands.

Due to that, businesses often struggle to keep up with the evolving industry, and end up losing potential opportunities.

Security vulnerability, and clunky interfaces of old software is also another reason why print businesses must reconsider upgrading their tech stack.

Sign 3 - Maintenance cost of existing software outweighs its benefits

The maintenance of a legacy system tends to increase your cost a lot of times. Because as the days pass by, its technology will keep getting older, less compatible with today’s software and system. So, when it comes to maintaining them for the sake of a feature or two, to make it work seamlessly with your new system takes more effort than the value you get out of it.

Update your software stack with a powerful web to print solution from Brush Your Ideas.


Sign 4 – Lack of integration and automation

If your current software stack lacks the ability to integrate with other essential tools and automate repetitive tasks, it can hinder your productivity and slow down your business processes.

For example, manually transferring data from your printing software to your accounting system or customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Not only is this time-consuming, but it also increases the chances of errors and inconsistencies. By upgrading your software stack, you can leverage integrations and automation to eliminate manual data entry and streamline workflows.

Sign 5 – Inadequate reporting and analytics capabilities

Data-driven decision-making is essential for staying competitive in today’s business landscape. If your current software stack lacks robust reporting and analytics capabilities, you may be missing out on valuable insights that can drive strategic decisions and improve your print business.


With an updated software solution, you can access comprehensive reports and analytics dashboards that provide you with key performance indicators, sales trends, customer behavior data, and more.

Sign 6 – Poor customer experience and limited self-service options

Customer expectations have evolved, and they now seek convenience and personalized experiences. And if your software doesn’t offer a seamless customer experience or lacks self-service options, you may be losing potential customers and hindering customer retention.


Modern web-to-print solutions offer intuitive interfaces, personalized storefronts, and self-service capabilities that empower your customers to easily place orders, customize designs, and track their orders.

By upgrading to web to print solution, you can enhance the customer experience, increase customer satisfaction, and drive customer loyalty.

What should be your next step - Invest in Web to Print Solutions

Moving to new software is not an overnight decision. Making an informed decision on what software to buy is crucial for your business and budget.


The right decision would be investing in a stable yet powerful web to print solution. The reason? It not only helps you manage all your print operations in a single interface, but also gives your business the ROI it deserves.

  • The biggest benefit of our web to print software is that it provides interfaces as per the requirement. You offer the easiest flow in a form of an interface where you customers design the product and order it for printing further. As an admin you get a quick view of how order flow is coming in, how many orders are out for printing/shipping etc.
  • The solution also comes with the ability to show real-time pricing to customers as they make changes to their designs or order specifications. With real-time pricing, customers can instantly see how their choices impact the overall cost of their printed products. It saves both the customers and your business valuable time, resulting in a smoother and more efficient order placement process.
  • With pre-defined templates and files, it becomes easy for your customers to order things rather than meeting them 2-3 times, and finalizing the orders.
  • If you want to streamline your backend printing operations, you can also add ERP that enhances your offline operations and ensures that there are no order discrepancies, things running smoothly and help you get the maximum out of it.

Apart from it, you can acquire a whole new set of users who love to create their own version of products.

Experience the power of a stable web-to-print solution firsthand before taking the next step.

Time to Update Your Software Stack and Manage Your Business with Ease

Updating your software stack doesn’t only mean keeping up with the latest technology, but also how you can improve the ROI of your business with it.

So, when are you planning to take a leap of faith and update your software stack for great business growth?

If you’re still unsure about opting for a web-to-print solution and want to learn more about this transformative technology, feel free to contact us.

Our team of experts will schedule a one-on-one call and provide you with all the necessary guidance you need to keep your business updated with the latest tools and techniques.

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