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Go through These Pointers and Give Wings to Your Online T-Shirt Business!

Give Wings to Your Online T-Shirt Business
May 14 2018

Fashion tees fill up the wardrobes of the people all over the world. They are stapled apparels for all. And with anything staple, comes boredom! It becomes quite a task picking up the same t-shirt from the wardrobe and wear it for days together. But for a change today, we will not talk to the Tee-wearers. We will be conversing with the t-shirt store owners.

If you are planning to delve into the world of fashion; you do not just have to look into what's trending. But you also need to consider what your customers like. There are 3 things that make you competitive- appealing t-shirt designs, strong brand image and rich quality. To inculcate these 3 attributes, you need to lay out a plan for your business.

Just like a business plan is necessary for quality and brand, so is a t-shirt design software for offering appealing designs. Now, for creating a business plan, you must the know fundamentals like knowledge about the industry, choices of customers, target audience, the glitches, rewards, etc. As it is your start, creating a business plan might seem to be daunting enough.

Here are some pointers you may consider before you go ahead with drafting a business plan.

1. Conduct a Market Research

The foremost step before putting down a business plan is conducting a thorough market research. Now, you need to conduct a research both online and at traditional brick and mortar stores. You may go and visit a marketplace where t-shirts are supplied and investigate. Hold conversations with the t-shirt suppliers, get to know where they get their supplies from, if you can. Observe people, their buying patterns, which store they go to more often in a marketplace and observe what is different in that store.

For online research, visit the t-shirt selling websites. Look into what they offer and the reviews shared by visitors on these websites and other social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, etc. Know how many retailers make use of a t-shirt design software to offer their customers with unique attires. If you do a thorough market research, you will know the trends of T-shirt ecommerce arena.

2. Look for The Best T-Shirt Supplier

As discussed above, the t-shirt sellers hesitate in letting other vendors know about their supplier/ wholesaler. And choosing the right supplier/wholesaler is the core of any business. The success of a t-shirt business depends on the quality and the variety in the t-shirts available at the store. Therefore, conduct survey for the best t-shirt suppliers who can provide you t-shirts of good quality along with adequate quantity and at the right time.

You may prefer to try out some t-shirt samples from more than one supplier. And look at their durability, print compatibility and the unique designs available. Sometimes, it happens so that the wholesaler might not remain available and you urgently need good designer t-shirts. So, you must have more than one resources that can render you with t-shirt supplies. It helps you to avoid remaining dependent on the wholesalers and tell your customers to wait.

3. Offer personalized T-shirts

People hate filling their wardrobes with the same old t-shirts patterns and designs. And why just rely on your wholesaler/manufacturer to hand you with designer t-shirts? Instead, offer unique tees to customers which they would like to order and fulfill their fashion demands. Let your customers design their own tees with the help of a t shirt design tool. It allows them to put their own image with some cool effects on the t-shirt.

They can personalize the t-shirts the way they want to. Be it the image of their favorite Hollywood actor or a motivational quote with a background color of their choice. Don't be surprised if your customers go "wow" when you provide this facility. And of course, you will have great sales!

4. Locate Your Point of Sales

By 2040, 95% of purchases will be via ecommerce sites and custom t-shirt printing market will cross 10 billion dollars by 2025 says Statista and Credence Research, resp. Now, these statistics are enough to make you understand that it is profitable to create a website and sell t-shirts on it. Through online selling, you can reach customers throughout the world.

Nasdaq, a market research company conducted a survey which showed that- 85% of people buy from online stores that have an attractive and user-friendly website. So, you must take a note of this fact, when you create a website. And you may make it more attractive and user-friendly integrating it with a t-shirt design software. It enables you to offer your customers to design their own way and get it printed immediately.

5. Finalize Your Business Plan

Now, you may fully draft your business plan mentioning every minutest detail. The plan should encompass information related to every point mentioned above like- the location of your store, what is your design strategy, who will be your target customers, your suppliers, etc. If you are willing to create a website, mention the platform you prefer to build your website on as well as the tools and strategies you will use for your e-store.

You may also explore other options like personalization of t-shirts with the help of a t shirt design tool. Or include any such software or tool you may integrate in your website. You must mention in the business plan.


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