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Pillow Cover Design Trends 2020

 Pillow Cover Design Trends 2020
March 24 2020

Someone has truly said, ‘If you want to shed your tears, shed them on your pillow.’ This proves the worth of a pillow in everyone’s life. Besides giving you comfort and solace after a long tiring day at work, it sometimes becomes a comfortable place to vent your emotions. If a pillow connects so emotionally to you, the pillow cover design also is a big reason behind that. 

A pillow can be one of the best gift options that is both useful and adds color to your loved ones’ lives. If you own an online gift store, you can always offer pillow covers to your customers. Umpteen types of pillow covers are available nowadays in the market. 

Let’s have a look at the latest design trends you can adopt to boost your sales of pillow covers. 

Bold Designs

A pillow with bold designs and patterns is an ideal decor item for a living room. You can use a combination of trending colors to grab a fashion seeker’s attention. You can further print various patterns ranging from stripes, polka dots to checks and more that can help your customers brighten up their living room or bedroom.

Custom Quotations

Imagine offering Shakespeare or William Wordsworth on pillows. Wondering how? 

Okay, let’s understand this in a little more detail. Famous quotations from famous authors or poets have always been a rage. Besides, there are endless possibilities like poetries, bible verses, or two-liners, and whatnot. 

Offering such custom pillows is sure to win customers’ hearts and they would surely consider buying one for themselves or as a gift. 

Pet Pillows

Animal lovers love seeing images of their pets or animals in general on their pillows. You can print images of endangered species to help your customers support a cause. You can also include images of domestic animals like dogs or horses and combine a beautiful relevant quote to invoke a strong emotional response from customers. And animal lovers are sure to buy them for themselves or their friends. 

They can use these pillows for themselves, or as a perfect pet bed accessory for their pets. 

Patriotic Designs

How about invoking patriotism in your customers through something as simple as pillows? Yes, it is possible. You can offer pillows with images of the national flags of various nations. Or you can also paint the pillow cover in the colors of national flags. 

This concept will definitely work as both an emotional trigger for your customers and selling factor for your business. As people love their country, they will surely love the patriotic pillow designs too. 

Moreover, this approach will expand your outreach to international customers as they might also buy such designs.

Vacation Locations

People often fantasize about going to exotic locations for holidays. Imagine how exhilarated they would be on seeing their dream holiday locations in their bedrooms or living rooms. Right on pillows and cushions!

Beautiful beaches, sceneries, hills, countryside, or sites like monuments with their names will help customers escape from their monotonous routine into their dream locations. So, printing vacation locations on pillows may work well and benefit your store.

Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs hold a great importance in lives of people who have great faith in astrology. 

They also like to display the same faith in several ways. Then why not pillows? 

You can create a pillow cover with a zodiac sign printed on it. In addition to it, you can include a strong personality trait or an eccentric quote that fits that zodiac sign.

People won’t only love to buy such zodiac sign pillows but also may recommend them ahead. 

Movie/Comic/Cartoon Characters’ Images or Themes

Don’t say you don’t love DC, Marvel, or Disney comics and characters. The same is with your customers. Very few would be there who don’t love any of them. Then why not display a Mjolnir or a Captain America shield on pillows? You can also tie up with Marvel, DC or Disney studios to get the rights of printing movies’ characters on your pillows. 

Or you can use DC or Marvel themes to attract all such Disney, Marvel or DC fans. 

Custom Arts/Designs/Quotes/Images

Custom pillow designs are one of the best products to offer. You can integrate a gift/product designer tool in the backend of your store and give your customers full freedom to customize products as per their requirements. You can also let customers upload their own art images, designs, write quotes, or any other custom images that they want to see on pillows. 


Sports fans would love to see sketches of their favorite sports on pillows. They may also love to see Roger Federer, Ricky Ponting, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams or any other popular sports persons they like. Printing such sketches showing sports or sketches of famous sports personalities may work wonders for your business. 

In a Nutshell

So, you see that custom pillows are a great tool to engage your audience with your online gift retail store. By embracing the latest pillow cover design trends and integrating a product/gift designer tool, you can level up your e-store and escalate your sales.

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