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Photo Album Design Software: Why Choose Brush Your Ideas for Your Online Store?

Photo Album Design Software
May 30 2017

Online store owners like to provide much needed creative freedom to their customers when it comes to designing photographs and printing them on different products. People no longer like to buy traditional photo albums. Instead, they prefer a book of memoirs wherein the photographs are printed and put together. The best part about these printed albums is that the pictures never get old or fade. If you want to provide the facility of designing albums on your online store, you must invest into an intuitive tool.

Brush Your Ideas is a tool used by the print service providers who want to give the facility of designing creative photo books to their customers. By using it, customers will be able to design photo albums on devices like computers and smartphones. They will also be able to select photographs and add creative inputs like clipart, personalized messages, designs etc. Let us see what all you can customize using Brush Your Ideas and the features provided by it.

Design with creativity

Brush your ideas enables one to customize each page of the album by choosing different backgrounds, stickers and designs. By using the tool, your customers will be able to get creative with their photo albums and personalize it the way they want. They will also be able to rotate and flip photographs and adjust its brightness, sharpness and contrast. Once the album is printed, it is sure to look one-of-a-kind.

Make the most out of Clipart Library

The software comes pre-packed with a creative clip art library which has more than 1000 clipart items compatible to every theme. Once you purchase Brush Your Ideas, your customers can get a free access to this library. This can prove to be quite beneficial as while designing photo albums, they will not have to spend time and energy in finding or designing new clipart. After using the clipart, one can also preview each photograph and have a glimpse at the overall look of the album.

Decide the shape, size and material

Size and shape of the photo album are very important depending upon the type of album being created. Most commonly used square shaped albums come in the size of 8 x 8, 10 x 10 and 12 x 12 inches. Brush Your Ideas can be tailormade according to the requirements of your customers and different shapes and sizes of album covers can be added to it. The option of type of material cover (hard/soft) cover materials can also be provided to your customers.

online photo album software features

Compatibility with different formats

Not everyone designs a photo album using the same format. And that is why Brush Your Ideas enables the store owners to print orders in different formats including PNG, SVG, JPG & PDF. No matter what the format of the photographs is, the quality of photo album never gets compromised. This convenience can keep people coming back to your store and you can print the photo album without worrying about the format.

Responsive to all devices

The makers of Brush Your Ideas have worked really hard to develop the tool in such a way that it responds well on smartphones, ipads as well as desktops. Hence, your customers will be able to design photo albums effortlessly and on the go. You just need to integrate the tool with your store and your work is done.

Customizations Available

If you want your photo album software to be of a particular type that is not available otherwise you can also place a customization request with us and we will make the necessary modifications to make your photo album store just as you want it to be.

Other benefits

Working around a Photo Album Design Software can be difficult at times. If you or your customers have confusions about using the tool, the company provides you with free support for three months. We also provide with the upgraded version of the tool if you request it within 6 months of your purchase. Using Brush Your Ideas, your customers will be able to share the photo albums on social media amongst friends and family inviting them to make suggestions and changes. If you do not like the software, don't worry. We offer a 15 days money back guarantee on the same. It's time to change your store into a creative photograph design studio. Make this tool a part of your online store and you will witness drastic improvement in the sales of your products.

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