Packaging for Jewelry Business: Types, Tips, Ideas, and More

Packaging for Jewelry Business: Types, Tips, Ideas, and More


Today packaging matters a lot. A good packaging adds a different feel to your business and engages customers better. Sometimes, packaging is almost as important as the product – especially for some businesses like packaging for jewelry business. You can experience it by placing yourself in customers’ shoes. How would you feel on seeing a beautiful velvet jewelry box with a sleek finish and an embossed logo? Leave alone the jewelry inside, that box itself will charm you and may turn into a reason to buy the item.

If you have a jewelry business, read on to know more about jewelry packaging.

Types of Packaging for Jewelry Business

There may be various types of packaging for jewelry business depending on the type or brand of jewelry.

Below are a few main types of packaging for the jewelry business.

Organic Packaging

Organic packaging techniques or “green” packaging techniques are an ideal option for handmade and artisan jewelry items. For instance, recycled paper, fabric, hemp, or handmade paper stock display cards, etc. can bring a handcrafted feel. Packaging jewelry for shipping this way can impart a unique feel to your products and make them stand out from bulk-produced items.

Budget Packaging

If you sell jewelry in bulk, budget packaging for your jewelry business may be more suitable and feasible for you. You can use plastic jewelry tags, hangers, plastic packaging slides or cellophane, or faux velvet display for packaging jewelry for shipping. If you are a wholesaler and package jewelry to retailers who will sell jewelry under their own brand name; budget packaging for jewelry business is the best.

Customized Packaging

With customization, you can design packaging that is specifically tailored to their brand and products, with custom shapes, sizes, and materials.

This type of packaging can help products stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression on customers.

And it’s not just about businesses designing their own packaging – with the help of a package design tool, customers can get involved too.

Using it, you can let your customers create their own unique packaging for their jewelry purchases. Your customers can choose from a variety of design options, including colors, fonts, graphics, and more.

They can also upload their own images or artwork to create truly unique packaging.

Say goodbye to generic packaging and give your customers the chance to be creative and design something truly special.

Display Packaging

Packaging for jewelry business also depends on how you will display your jewelry for sale. Let’s say, if you are a popular jewelry retailer and use lighted-glass display cases, you would also require equally ornamental cases. You may need silk, velvet, or gossamer bags or jewelry boxes for re-packaging jewelry for shipping or in-store sale.

Similarly, if you are selling at a mall kiosk or a jewelry expo or show; the packaging that can easily slide on to the commercial jewelry display racks may be more practical and feasible.

Elaborate Packaging

Investing a little more in packaging for jewelry business can enhance the value of your jewelry products. This is more likely in case you:

  • Specialize in jewelry gifts
  • Sell a large volume of shipped products,
  • Where customers value beautiful packaging too along with the actual product, say jewelry gifts.

Elaborate packaging can use hand-made or custom-embossed jewelry boxes, standard velvet jewelry cases, jewelry tins with the company logo on it, etc.

Branding Packaging

Branding packaging helps engage customers and also represents and promotes your brand. All you need is to stay consistent with your brand image.

Let’s say, you decide to wrap all your products in a tissue paper, place them in a gift bag, print your store logo and a standard color theme when packaging jewelry for shipping. Customers will start identifying and remembering your brand through your signature packaging style.

Ideas about How to Package Jewelry

Jewelry Gift Boxes


Gift boxes have been one of the most popular options when packaging jewelry for shipping. As they are available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials, you get more choices.

They also come in various shapes and sizes. And anything from the tiniest ring or tops to a heavy necklace can easily fit in. You can even add ribbon, cord, tags, or bows to enhance beauty further.

Wooden Gift Boxes


A wooden box is among the most high-end packaging options. A wooden box has a soft leather interior and a protective cushioned base. The white wooden box in particular is a great stylish option and imports a modern look to packaging.

A wooden box can be an ideal pick for special purchases.

Kraft Recycled Gift Boxes

If you are an environmental-friendly entrepreneur, you can pick kraft recycled gift boxes for packaging jewelry when shipping.

Natural colored materials constitute these boxes that are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. It implies that you can use them without having to worry about their impact on the environment.

They go well with decorative ribbons and accessories in different colors. Besides, they also look amazing if you pair them up with natural jute and string and bring that subtle festive finish.

Jewelry Gift Bags

Gift bags have been a classic way to wrap any present. They are an economical and simple option for packaging jewelry when shipping.

If you wrap your jewelry item in a tissue paper and slip it into a gift bag; it adds an enhanced touch.

Jewelry gift bags go well with items that are less likely to entangle. However, if you are packaging a very delicate necklace that can fold ending up in knots, you should avoid this packaging.

Jewelry Gift Pouches


A jewelry gift pouch is an alternative to the standard gift bag. It is basically a simple drawstring bag made from organza, velvet, or similar materials. They can give a very element to your packaging and you can pick a fabric that suits you the best.

They are of different categories within which there are several different styles. Hence, you have umpteen options to pick from for packaging for your jewelry business.

Leatherette Gift Boxes


A leatherette gift box can be an ideal choice for a classic and timeless jewelry gift. A traditional leatherette box features a unique combo of quality finish and a competitive price.

There are a variety of gift boxes in this category – postal and standard. You can pick one that suits your requirements in the best way possible.

One of the variants is a coin box that can hold half or full sovereigns and even crowns. You can pick pendant, cufflink, earring, or ring boxes based on your product.

Glass Jewelry Packaging Box

Glass Jewelry Packaging Box

Glass jewelry boxes are a popular and versatile choice for showcasing and packaging jewelry pieces.

These boxes are not only elegant and durable, but they also come in various sizes and shapes to fit different types of jewelry.

The clear glass design of these boxes provides an unobstructed view of the jewelry, making it easy for customers to admire their purchases.

Moreover, glass jewelry boxes can be customized with different accents, such as velvet lining or ribbon ties, to add a personalized touch to the packaging.

You can even make them extra special by having an engraving option on them to make it a perfect gift option.

Soft Touch Box

The soft-touch boxes are elegant and appealing. You can pick a soft-touch box for a necklace, pendant, earring, bracelet, ring, or any other jewelry item. Some variants are also ultra-slim and can complement any design style or budget.

This ultra-slim range includes necklace box, pendant box, earring box, bracelet box, and ring box options, all qualifying for large letter status to keep costs down.

There are gift boxes that compliment any jewelry design style and budget. Learn from the Best Packaging Ideas for Handmade Jewelry.

Offer Personalization

Personalization can give a unique look to jewelry packaging. Add a tinge of personalization to capture customers’ attention. There are a number of ways to personalize packaging for jewelry business.

  • Set a unique statement for your brand by keeping colors, shapes, fonts, attributes, etc. consistent. This is because a well-coordinated packaging will make packaging professional and well-done.
  • You can also use stylish typography to make your logo “shine” and include hand-written thanks-giving notes.
  • You can also use hot foil stamping to create a visually appealing design or logo that adds to the luxurious look of your brand. You can do hot foil stamping either with a manual machine or hot foil stamping machine. Or you can also pay your box suppliers for hot foil stamping.

While there are numerous approaches of personalization, the latest is the “freedom of personalization”. If you want, you can allow your customers to decide what they want as their packaging. You can also let them customize packaging by themselves. All this is possible through various online product designer tools available now.
Offer Personalization
When customers get to design the complete packaging with a highly interactive interface, they are sure to show interest. Further, this customization option will let them use their creativity and encourage them to share it with others. Eventually, you will get publicity – that too for free!

It will also place you ahead of your competitors that provide standard printed packaging options.

Our Brush Your Ideas Online Product Design Software is also a next-gen product designer that makes customization possible. By integrating it into your store, you can enable your customers to add text, images, clipart, upload pics, and more.


Tips on How to Package Jewelry

Package the Jewelry Well

While packaging jewelry for shipping, ensure that you invest in best packaging materials. This is because only a secured packaging will help you deliver the jewelry safely to your customer.

If you receive a complaint from the customer that the jewelry was damaged when received, it may lead to a loss. You won’t only need to compensate for the mistake but also may face negative reviews or negative brand image.

To keep this scenario at bay, analyze the nature of your jewelry first. It is because some jewelry items may require extra packaging than others.

For example, beadworks or lampwork jewelry pieces are more delicate and may need extra care while shipping. An economical way for small businesses to save damages is using a bubble wrap or a tissue paper for jewelry items and then putting them in a zip lock or an organza bag.

There are different online retail sites that deal in packaging materials. You can check them out to gather information about packaging materials and pick the best for your purpose.

One such site is Westpack. It offers several types of pouches, ribbons, jewelry boxes, and other packaging accessories that can help you with packaging jewelry for shipping.

Boost Repeat Purchases

There must be some way to engage customers – especially the first-timers. Every time a customer opens a jewelry package, they should get a reason to return to your store. While packaging contributes a lot to grabbing their attention, it doesn’t suffice when alone. How about making it easier for them to find you again for future purchases if they liked your product(s)? Yes, you can do that with a business card. You can slip a custom business card with your brand name, social media account, contact information, etc.

This information won’t only have them your brand name but also increase your outreach on social media. If your products impress them and they start following your social media business pages, you get more followers.

More followers means better brand visibility, outreach, sales, and referrals!

You can go a step further and expand beyond tucking just business cards. If your budget allows, you can give away little surprise gifts along with a big order to impress customers.

Let’s say a customer orders an expensive diamond necklace. You can pack a small freebie like small earrings or loose beads, with that. It won’t only bring big smiles to their faces but also encourage them to make repeat purchases. And spread word-of-mouth as well!

Customize the Packaging

One effective way to differentiate yourself from competitors and create a memorable experience for customers is by customizing your jewelry packaging. Incorporating your brand logo, and colors, or even designing custom packaging, can enhance brand recognition and offer a unique sense of exclusivity to your customers.

Additionally, adding a personal touch like a handwritten note or thank you card can make customers feel valued and appreciated, leading to increased loyalty and repeat purchases.

To take personalization a step further, consider offering customers the option to customize their own packaging.

This can include allowing them to select the color of their jewelry box or including a personalized message on the packaging. Not only does this increase customer engagement with your brand, but it also provides valuable feedback that can be used to improve your packaging and overall customer experience.

Consider Sustainability

In today’s world, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Many customers prefer to buy from brands that are environmentally conscious and use sustainable packaging materials.

Consider using eco-friendly packaging materials such as recycled paper, biodegradable plastics, or compostable materials. This can help reduce your carbon footprint and appeal to environmentally conscious customers.

Take Photos of the Packaged Jewelry

You may have come across instances of jewelry packages getting damaged while shipping. In such a case, most buyers generally request a refund or replacement.

To prevent any further losses, take photographs of your jewelry once packaging is complete. It will be evidence in case you need to file an insurance claim against the delivery partner. And prove that you had taken appropriate steps when packaging jewelry for shipping.

In addition to this, you should also instruct your customer to click photos of the product immediately on its arrival and safekeep the receipt.

Calculate Your Packaging Cost Properly

Don’t simply go for packaging jewelry for shipping the way you like. Consider the budget you can spend on packaging. Ask for suggestions and recommendations from other jewelers, on various jewelry forums, or on online marketplaces.

You can also check out several jewelry packaging suppliers like Westpack, eBay, etc. and compare prices. The best practice would be to note down all the materials you would need for packaging jewelry for shipping and sticking to a corresponding budget. While buyers may get happy with beautiful packaging, you should also be able to save something.

Final Words

Packaging for jewelry business is a USP itself and you can’t afford to forgo it. Now that you know how to package jewelry, it is high time you pack your jewelry in the best way possible and win your customers’ hearts.

Want to let your customers personalize the packaging for themselves? Check out our Brush Your Ideas Online Product Design Tool.

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