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Top 9 Package Industry Trends to Welcome in 2021

Package Industry Trends to Welcome in 2021-F
January 19 2021

Product Packaging is like the first impression of your business.

Today, with the trend of making unboxing videos on social media, packaging has become one important part. If your presentation is not perfect, customers might not get fully satisfied with your service even though the product is good. The key is to stay relevant with the current packaging industry trends.

So, as we enter 2021, if you wonder what the future of the packaging industry looks like,we have some of the top packaging industry trends. You can go through the some major reasons that impact the growth of this industry as well to know more.

Factors Impacting Growth of Packaging Industry:

eCommerce Market:

Today every other person you meet; they purchase something or other from online eStores. This rise in purchasing things online boosted eCommerce sites. The increased demand in online shopping has become a competitive advantage for many companies. The online shopping provides people products at reasonable prices because of which middle class men can easily buy high brand products.


There are multiple things which have an impact on the growing packaging industry trends. Over decades there has been a lot of development throughout the countries. This has led to people moving to developed parts of the country for better standard of living. As a result, it gave rise to an increase in shopping for basic and necessary items, eventually increasing growth to this industry.

Increased Life Expectancy:

The increase in life expectancy of the people gave rise to old age people needing more healthcare support. This in turn increases sales of pharmaceuticals companies and other medical equipment which at the end impact the packaging industry.

All these reasons play a major role in increasing the growth of the packaging industry. According to research done by statista, global packaging is expected to grow from 200 to 240 billion dollars by 2022.

Top Packaging Industry Trends in 2021:

Every year there are some latest package industry trends making their place in the market. Let’s go through the packaging industry trends below:



According to research done by Our World in Data, 380 million tons of plastic is produced annually out of which only 6.3 million of plastic is recycled. This shows the amount of plastic pollution generated every year. Looking at these facts, the package industry has started moving towards having sustainable packages. Countries like China, Italy, Kenya, Bangladesh, and others have banned usage of plastic. This gave opportunities for cardboard packaging, cloth bags, and other materials.

Benefits of sustainable packaging:

  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Biodegradable and recyclable
  • Positively impacts brand image and increases sales
  • Reduces cost of packaging

Customers and companies have become aware of this problem and are trying to move to sustainable packaging. It helps in increasing sales and brand awareness. On the other hand, researchers are giving their best to find best solutions with the help of technology to create sustainable packaging.

Consumer Trends:

Technology has made a lot of things accessible and available at our fingertips. The immense growth in mobile phones and laptops plays a vital role in increasing online shopping. This increased the demand of having strong and durable cardboard type packaging materials to load in heavy materials if needed.

Second consumer trend is the drive thru option. People today opt for this option as it is convenient for them to have their meals on the go and save time as well. This has raised opportunities to pack meals in proper packages wrapped up or securely tied.

Lastly, today many of us are living a sedentary lifestyle which has increased many health issues. This resulted in awareness among people about the shortcomings of this kind of lifestyle. And now they are taking care of their health. Today consumers are taking gluten free and organic food which increases sales of special types of foil based packages which keep food fresh.


Have you ever been to Starbucks and seen how they add customers’ names to their ordered items? This is to make customers feel special and touch their emotional intelligence. This is the exact thing you can do with your packages. Give your customers an exclusive option to create designs of their choice with our product designer tool. Just integrate it with your website and while ordering items using our tool they can easily create their own personalized custom packages.

Benefits of custom packages:

  • Makes customers feel personalized
  • Boosts sales
  • Positively impacts your business

Why a product designer tool from Brush your Ideas?

  • Feature rich library of clip arts, fonts, images, object handling
  • Supports multi language websites
  • Compatible with every eCommerce platform

Vintage inspired packaging:

This packaging industry trend has been in the market for a long time. What sets them apart for this year is that you can focus on millennials. With the classic vintage packaging you can take them back to their childhood memories. The trend has set in the industry since 2019 and manufacturers too are on the top game.

Many goods and beverage brands are changing their packaging to classic retro 90s and are seeing rise in their sales. There are many reasons why the future of the packaging industry holds vintage packaging in it. Some of them are:

  • Shows quality and authenticity:

    Vintage packages help in gaining trust of customers as they reflect quality and authenticity of the product. It stirs the nostalgia in people and also makes people value the product. As the packaging is very vintage it reveals the value and people use it with cautions.

  • Simplicity:

    Simplicity and minimalistic designs are the core of vintage packaging. Today’s generation prefers packaging to be simple. The simpler they are the more authentic and real they look.


Credits: 99designs

Artistic geometric designs:

These designs are going to be trendy in the upcoming years. It’s sharp, vibrant colors make it stand out of the box. These types of packaging easily attract customers and helps in increasing the sales of your company.

Color blocking:

Color blocking has already been there in the packaging industry. But, what differs for the future trends is the color combination, new designs, and textures. The new designs and colors are warmer and look real. Designers choose various colors from the wide range and are made on different packaging materials.

Products name as highlight:

Some designers prefer highlighting the product’s name in front and center of the product. The clear and concise writing stands out with chic fonts style and type. Customers are very likely to be attracted to products easily. The design of the product is so simple and classic that it makes them easy to find and understand the products.

Why do businesses prefer product names in highlights? Some of the major reasons:

  • Clear focus on the product
  • Easily attracts customers
  • Product is easy to understand and name it

Story driven packaging:

Engaging customers with stories is a skill companies have started using. Today many packaging companies are creating packages which have designs in it. These companies are helping customers to have a clear understanding of their product, connect with them emotionally, and sell their products.

These stories can be inspired from reality shows, songs, movies, web series, books, or fresh ideas. All these ideas help in connecting with customers directly and increase sales.

Major reasons why companies prefer story driven packaging:

  • Can connect with customers emotionally
  • Stands out in marketing
  • Increases companies sales
  • Young generation as well as kids are attracted more towards story driven packaging
Driven packaging

Credits: Business Insider

Solid cover packaging:

Minimalistic designs is the new key which helps in standing out. Many companies and designers today choose to have solid colors which instantly grabs users’ attention. The future trends will let the solid colors and concise writing do the magic.

The most common thing about these packaging styles will be the color combination. They all are often so bright and colorful that customers will buy them. Remember Apple’s minimalistic packaging? The simple white and silver lining with the right sets of writing is the key.

Other than color even write-up does the magic. Write-up on these types of packaging keeps the customers guessing what will be the product, how it will taste or can be used, etc.


If you are someone who is in the packaging business or planning to start your own business then following the future trends of packaging is a must. These packaging industry trends play a major role in your marketing strategy, helping your products stand out, and increase company’s sales. Choose any method of packaging the one which is working for you and loved by your customers.

Out of the suggested packaging trends, opting customized packaging the most important. Because customers love things which are custom, plus it gives your customers the freedom to create their own packaging products. This gives them freedom to put a personalized touch in it and show their creativity. To know more about it, you can get in touch with us. Our industry experts will guide you throughout.


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