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How Can Print Service Providers Offer Customized Product Kits to Corporates?

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September 25 2018

The fascination towards personalization has grown over the years. And corporates are not an exemption from this. Be it a diary, a notepad or a mug; personalized representation of brand always works! A merchandise that entails the logo/design of the company becomes the best way to promote one's brand and entice customers to buy their products/services. And of course, the metaphysical aspects...while the business owner sits at his desk and gleaming at the company merchandise, it becomes a source of pleasure, attachment, and joy for them.

If you are a print service provider and you have been offering corporate merchandise, there might have been times when your customers grimace and wrinkle their nose when they receive the final product. It's either the hue of blue that has gone wrong or the arch of the logo that is incorrect! Thank god for technology, you can get over these "blues". All you need to do is have a web to print software in place and half of your agonies will end.

The Corporate Kit Saga

These days, the trend of corporate kits is on the rise, majorly because the corporates are able to save up to 15% on a bulk package as compared to individual customized items. Also, if the corporates buy from a single print service provider, it saves a lot of their time and efforts. So, if you are into providing Customized Kits, we will help you understand how you can better your sales and in what ways it can benefit you.

The vertical of digital printing has expanded and the adoption of web to print product design software has helped print service providers to offer their customers with an array of customized products at cost-effective rates. Using comprehensive solutions, it is also possible to set up a branded online store with different corporate products along with their logos and design.

How Does It Work?

Let's say you want your customers to make customized corporate diaries. All you need to do is provide them with a template that has space for company's name, address, and logo. You can also provide space for other features that would help in creating a customized diary. Just make sure that the aesthetics that your tool provides are consistent as you must deliver printed goods that look consistent.

Above-given example was of a single product. The same applies to several other products including mugs, t-shirts, caps, stationery and more. Once they've created a corporate account with your e-store, they just need to place an order with a single click and you can provide them with the printed bulk copies in no time.

Now that you have understood how can your customers go about creating their customized merchandise in bulk, let us understand the advantages of selling these goods:

Enhanced Average Order Value

So, how can you better the average order value? It's simple. Go the amazon way by creating a package of different customized products and come up with a new pricing. By doing so, you are sure to make your customers happy as they can get a good deal; which would get difficult if they bought different items individually. In case they want to customize items using your online print software and create a new kit, you can do that as well.

Better Buying Experience

By offering personalized corporate gifts, you are sure to make your customers happy. If the quality of your rendering is superior and consistent, your customers are sure to keep coming back to you. Afterall, when it comes to corporates, it is very important that the image of the brand remains intact across different items and collaterals. There are other factors too, which you can keep in mind including the mobile responsiveness of the tool and its compatibility with your website platform.

Addition of Different Items

As and when you understand the buying patterns of your corporate customers, you will be able to provide them with better and different products. Thereafter, you can cross sell and upsell these products which is sure to boost your sales. Also, when you are promoting different products, you can display the products that they have created on your store using your online print software. It will make them feel important and that will result into long term loyalty.

If you are into providing corporate materials and gifts, it is time to get over the mundane ways and offer your customers with something better, new and exciting.

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