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Magento Product Designer: Changing the Online Retail Scenario

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August 1 2018

Some years ago, e-retail was a game with few players. Now, it is a humongous playground with giants like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart competing against each other. In a playground so huge, you might be just a speck. To make your presence felt, you can't just open up an ecommerce website and wait for people to flood in. You will have to make your e-store interactive. Create a real marketplace.

Eddie Machaalani & Mitchell Harper; the Co-CEOs of Bigcommerce said that "By 2020, brick and mortar retail spaces will be little more than showrooms." The question is how? How can you be unique with your products and stand out? The biggest answer to this is, "Get over the one-size-fits-all" psyche. And help your customers get over them too. If you have a Magento based ecommerce website and you are looking forward to be a one-of-a-kind-store, a Magento Product Designer can work wonders for you.

To know how and in what ways, read ahead.

Not Just Customization

It turns out that it is not just about providing customers with a little twisted version of your existing product. You need to provide them with exactly what they want. "A book with a brown cover having a tinge of blue." When the requirement gets so specific, how do you ensure that your customers get exactly what they want?

It's quite simple.

You will have to integrate a Magento Web to Print Software with your website. This way, you can let buyers create their version of your products. By doing so, you will be able to create a USP for your brand and keep your product catalog brimming with new products all the time!

Web Traffic & Conversion Dilemma

So, you have an ecommerce website in place which shouts out excellent UX and UI. But it's quite unfortunate that when it comes to buying products, your e-store is not the ultimate choice. For most of the ecommerce store owners, getting site traffic and converting the visitors into customers becomes a tough job.

Believe it or not; but during such times, Product Design Tool can solve site conversion issues. Read how.

Through a Magento Product Designer, you can give ultimate freedom to your customers to design the product of their choice in the way they want. And if they like what you deliver to them, they are likely to come back again and recommend your brand to others. This will increase the traffic on your e-store and give you more conversions.

Freedom from the Mundane

T-shirts, Mugs, Cards, and Gadget skin covers. Perhaps, you have been selling what everyone else does for years together. At some point in time, your customers will get satiated with the clichéd gifts that you sell. Result? Shopping cart abandonment and plummeting sales.

Guess what?

You can get an edge over your saturation using the Magento Product Designer.

The Magento product designing tools available in the market are easily integrable and come with an array of features and functionalities. Using it, your customers can create unique products on the canvas you provide. By the year 2020, most of the ecommerce store owners will offer product personalization so that they can get over selling mundane products. If you want to sell one-of-a-kind merchandise, now is the right time!

Create Your Worth

Ask any ecommerce store owner as to how do they create value for their store? They will tell you sagas about loyalty programs, discount offers and coupons and how their customers benefited from them. But the truth is, when it comes to spending on personalized products, people do not think twice. So, whether you offer discounts or not, they shell out the amount they need to.

A research by Custom Gateway, a UK based company proved that 71% of customers are ready to pay premium for personalized products. So, what you need to do is, Create value for your e-store and stand out from your competitors.

Once you integrate a web-to-print tool to your website, you can also hold competitions for the best products and give away prizes to the winner. Which means you're not only offering unique products but are also making your clients happy.

It's Time to Brush Your Ideas!

Brush Your Ideas is a Magento Custom Product Designer with the help of which your customers can create personalized print-ready designs. With an array of features, our tool offers value to both; large enterprises and startups. Apart from the features that you would find in a conventional designing tool, it also provides e-store owners with quotation management and an Odoo based ERP solution.

Underneath the Brush Your Ideas Umbrella, we offer our clients with A product designer tool, a ready to sell Web-to-Print Estore as well as an ERP solution. Based on your requirement, you can choose to go with one or all of them. But before you do that, you need to book a demo with us. So, what are you waiting for? Find out about Brush Your Ideas Magento Web to Print Software in detail now!


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