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Revolutionize Your Apparel Store with Live Print Design Software

Live Print Design Software
July 4 2018

While ecommerce is accelerating at an unstoppable speed, we cannot ignore the important role that brick and mortar stores play even today. Especially when it comes to apparel industry.

The adobe reports show that way ahead of cross channel marketing, data driven marketing, mobile and programmatic buying/optimization, customer experience is the most important area of focus for 54% of retailers. Moreover, it's just 13% of retailers who say digital marketing permeates them. Otherwise, majority of them still prefer brick and mortar store operations and traditional marketing.

So, if you are one such tee retailer, you must know the reason why retail stores are in demand today.

Reasons Why Retail Stores Are in Demand

Reasons Why Retail Stores Are in Demand

Firstly, it lets customers interact and get a personal touch of the product. Here's an example of Lee Broom cited by Tim McKeough in his article. Lee Broom, a British designer before investing into a physical store sold his products exclusively through online channels. Thereafter, when he started with a physical store for his customers to allow them to see the product in person, touch it and understand its scale and prospects. The aftermath? The physical store led to a 50% increase in sales over 12 months. Wait, this was just one instance. There are still more to go.

Secondly, sales associates play a crucial role in purchase journey. A survey by sales floor found that 73% of consumers buy from a retailer who remembers their personal preference or style. And that's as easy for brick and mortar stores as hard it is for the online and mobile sellers to do. The ecommerce sellers mostly rely on user reviews.

Lastly, a survey by Coldwell Banker commercial cited that nearly half of the consumers today seek to purchase from a physical store than online or mobile seller. There are many reasons for it. Moreover, today's consumers seek to get entertainment from retail environments.

Therefore, if you have a t-shirt/apparel retail store, you must provide an experience to your customers which goes way beyond their normal experience. Wondering how you can make that possible? We can arm you with our Live in Print Product Design tool.

Make the Most Out of Product Design Tool

Make the Most Out of Product Design Tool

It's like saying "why should ecommerce store owners have all the fun"? You can do it too now. How about enabling customers coming to your retail store to design their own choice of t-shirt; like the online t-shirt sellers do. This facility makes them feel gleeful and gives a boost to their designing style; they can take pride in.

You simply need to install Live printing software to your retail store system and revolutionize your apparel store. Isn't it great? Embrace it now.

Let Your Customers Watch the Live Print On their T-shirt

The major drawback of online tee sellers is that their customers won't be able to get a live view of the design on the t-shirt.

But, you can make that possible having a brick and mortar store. With the t-shirt design tool, let your customers first imprint any design of their choice. For example, they can choose one design, clip art or quotes available in the software library. In addition to this, the product live printing software has another option which lets your customers upload images of their choice from their social media accounts. They get the option to customize the uploaded image, adjust its brightness, size, etc.

Furthermore, you can also allow your customers to write "I can and I will" or similar inspirational liners to their t-shirt. They can do this with the help of brush tool. They can also draw and paint anything of their choice and put it for live printing.

This Live Print gives such a finishing to the design, that it looks like an original one. Your customers can feel free to be real artists and take pride in their design.

The specialty of this Live Print design Software, is that your customers can see their design printed live on the t-shirt and take it home then and there. They need not wait to get delivery after long.

Winding Up

With shoppers getting back to city streets to explore innovative shops, why don't you embrace to Live in Print Product Design Software for your t-shirt retail store? Give an astonishing real shopping experience to your customers and make your store reach new heights.