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Introducing Brand New Website and “API" Addition

Introducing Brand New Website and “API" Addition
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February 5 2020

For almost 12 years in the industry, Brush Your Ideas has been exactly what a web-to-print solution should be. 


And this has been our approach from the beginning itself. Understanding your business and solving your challenges with our services, is the summit we have always aimed for.


Hence, this new website.


Our excitement is on cloud nine as we present to you our brand-new website. It is the reflection of our brand’s vision and foundation.


This makeover was in the discussion for long. Roughly, 3-4 months and the reason behind this was to make it more adaptable and compatible with the industry trends.


Our new layout includes improved user experience that helps us create a positive brand identity with our visitors. And to add the cherry on top of this new website layout, we have now open Live Demo for all our visitors. This way any visitor including you can check our solution and test our product designer tool.


This means you can now:


- Understand the product designer tool thoroughly and check how it can blend with your business.

- Be sure of what you are investing in before making a purchase.

API: New Addition to the Family

Offering a versatile solution was one of our goals. That’s when the inception of the API took place.

Let us help you draw a clearer picture:


What is this API Key?

This API key is the gateway to enabling personalization into your e-store instantly, irrespective of your e-store platform.

Does my business really need one?

If you want to expand your printing business, heck yes!

Now is the time when a wave of myriad startups is stealing the thunder of veterans. And let’s not forget the market giant Amazon which remains at the helm with the title of most popular shopping app in the USA alone with 150.6 million mobile app users. The idea of beating such a competitor would not take you out of the woods.

But...standing out might!

Because when you decide to integrate personalization into your business, it would surely bring value to the users. After all, what could be more exciting to them when they could be their own designers or to those who want such products in bulk?


However, while implementing this idea, the major obstacle would be finding the right solution that can incorporate your business style as most of them have limited compatibility with e-store platforms. Even if you find the solution, it will still remain a challenge to maintain security throughout the time. Additionally, integration of an external technology might make your structure cluttered, and take years to get executed successfully. 


Hence, when you integrate API into your system, the struggling part is already half done. For example, integrating the product designer into your e-store, creating products, enabling features for personalization, prices, security, and everything gets handled by us -- Your API team.


That means you would just need to brainstorm and plan on how would you sell this idea to your users.


Who can leverage this solution?

Whoever wants to embark their journey in the industry of personalization can get this idea:

- Printers

- E-store owners

- Print on demand merchants

- Start-ups

- Artists

- Etc.

How does it work?

Basically, API is the bridge between your store and our system. When you integrate it with your e-store, you can select products for which you want to enable product personalization. After you enable, it will fetch all the required data from your store into our system. From here, it would sync back all the ready to design products into your store seamlessly. Which means no more waiting hours for your products to get synced into the system.

The Benefits

- As it is platform-independent, there are no technological restrictions. 

- It syncs data in real-time which means you can now provide a seamless experience to your users.

- It syncs data through a private and secure channel, which means 100% protection.

- 24/7 support

- Free updates so that you can leverage all the latest features of our tool.

- Cost-effective

A Ready-Made Solution to Get Started

Jumping into the pool of contenders while you are just getting started can be risky. No matter the size of your business, when you want to introduce something new, it may consume time and money because you will need to invest in resources and technology. At the same time, keeping up with market trends is critical. Because by the time, you develop the solution and prepare to launch it, your competitors might have already taken the advantage before you could even start.

That is why leveraging ready-made solutions can be the turning point of your business. Because it takes only a day or two to set it into your system. So, if you are a startup, or even an enterprise-sized business, rather than investing a lot of money and time to build things from scratch, invest in a ready-made API solution that gives you a competitive advantage.

What if I do not have an e-store?

In order to integrate this API, having an e-store is mandatory. But if you do not have one, don’t worry, we can help you up with that as well.

Web to Print Store Front - Just need your business idea

What you would want to offer? Clothing, stationery, marketing materials? Because that’s all we would need.

We offer a full-proof web-to-print storefront that consists of a personalized e-store. You can check out our Live demo as well to see how it all works.


Web to Print ERP

This system handles all your logistics operations. Right from managing printing jobs to shipping orders, it maintains the overall workflow with glitch-free experience.

How Should I Buy this API?

Check out its pricing plans, you can head over here. If you want to implement this API, we can help you out. We would provide you a tour of its workflow thoroughly before you make a purchase.

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Hiral Thaker

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