Top 9 Inspiring Examples of Brands Offering Product Customization

Top 9 Inspiring Examples of Brands Offering Product Customization

Mar 15th, 2021

Do you remember being a proud owner of Elvis Presley’s or Camp Rock’s custom t-shirt? Check your wardrobe, you might still have it. Just a glimpse of it takes you back to your carefree days of high school.

People preserve things close to them, making them feel special or give freedom to express themselves. And that has resulted in increasing demand for product customization. Product customization gives businesses a new way to carry out their operations and attract customers.

More than ever, people are customizing their products and gifting them to their family and friends. The demand for custom products will not decrease in the near future and help businesses thrive and serve their customers better.

Product customization is helping businesses increase their sales and customers get a platform to express themselves better. Many companies are trying different ways to create custom products and serve their customers better.

If you, too, are curious about this new workspace and want to stand ahead of the competition, you are at the right place. This article will walk you through it by giving product customization examples: how top 9 companies are trying out different ways to create custom products and serve their customers right.

Let’s start with some advantages of product customization:

Benefits of Product Customization:

Increase in Sales:

One of the major benefits of customization is increased sales. According to research done by Deloitte, 36 percent of consumers prefer to purchase custom products. Not only this, but it also shows that 1 in 5 consumers prefer to pay 20 percent more on exclusive custom products. Customers are ready to pay any amount for customization. These figures show huge demand for custom products that will not go down anywhere in the near future.

Stand Ahead of the Competition:

The constant growth of customization has increased the competition. Companies using customization tools are very likely to come ahead and correctly serve their customers. Already companies are trying unique ways to stay ahead, but product customization is a huge step. Customization gives customers a way to create their designs and express themselves. Further, great customer service will make you stay ahead of the competition. Better customer service, more unique designs, more products, feature-rich library, more will be the sales and chances of staying ahead of the competitive market.

Better Customer Insights:

Studying the purchasing habits of your target audience will help you to gain better insight and understanding of customers. To increase your sales, understanding your customers is essential. You need to study and define your customers’ needs and then move forward. With the help of tools like CRM and data analytics, businesses can understand their customers better. Additionally, with artificial intelligence, you can even decide what will be the next market trend or how you can create the next trend.

Increase Profit Margin:

Earlier, when customization was just booming, owning printers was difficult, so print shop owners used to prefer to make products in bulk. But, now, with the intervention of technology, having printing machines has become very easy. Today, print shop owners can easily own the machines and make the design process more manageable. Not only this, but you can also earn the invested amount on the machines by keeping a bit high profit margin. With the help of printing machines, get the right qualitative designs and an increase in your profit margin.

Increase Customer Loyalty:

Having loyal customers is every brands’ desire, but with the increased competition, it is not easy. However, with the help of customization and over-the-top customer service, you can get loyal customers. Of course, each and every phase of the sales funnel is very important, but the right after-sales service will increase customer loyalty.

Product Customization Examples:

Going further, let’s see some of the major companies taking the whole game of customization to the next level, providing extravagant customer services and increasing their sales. Below are some the examples of customized products by various companies:


When we talk about product customization, the first company that crosses our mind is Coca-Cola. Nothing could beat their “Share the Coke Campaign.” The campaign first started for Australian consumers and consisted of some of Australia’s common first names. This made Coca-Cola a household name. Then they expanded the campaign in different countries and saw a rise in sales. The campaign gave a new face to the company, helped them increase their brand value and increase sales. Coca-Cola has set a benchmark for product customization by their most loved campaign, which changed a lot of things for them.

Coca-Cola benchmark


Have you ever thought about your online wardrobe? If not, sit back and let StitchFix do its work. They have changed their entire business model and turned it into personalization. Each customer is unique and is recommended outfits based on their choices, feedback, preferences, and previous purchases. They use customers’ data in the best way possible and serve them better. Additionally, they even have a team of stylists who help their customers by recommending them dresses after studying their profiles.

This approach has helped them increase their sales, provide better service communicate with the customers, understand their needs, and preferences from the very beginning.


Customizable shoes were a far-fetched dream before Nike made it possible; they are the perfect product customization examples. It started an online store and gave customers the freedom to customize their shoes. In return, it helped them increase their sales and set an example for being customer friendly. Additionally, customization helped customers to express themselves and also stand out from the crowd. With the help of Nike by You, you can easily customize and create your designs from the choice of colors, images, templates, and more. So, if you are a shoe enthusiast and want to stand out from the crowd, Nike’s custom shoes can do the magic for you.


Another product customization example is data-driven personalization by Graze. They use their customers’ data in the best way possible i.e. they recommend their favorite snacks based on their previous purchases. Customers can share their feedback, favorite snacks, allergies, and depending on their needs, they can get the best possible recommendations. All the data helps them recommend better snacks from over 500 products and more than 200 million combinations. It’s a perfect example of how data can help businesses to grow and help them serve better.

Wiivv Wearables:

The footwear industry is no exception to customization. With the help of technology, Wiivv Wearables is proving it. Customers need to take a picture of their foot and upload it in Wivv’s app, and then the app will create a digital map of their foot which helps them to create the insole of the shoe. Further, customers can create their footwear, giving them the freedom to customize it completely. This new business model has helped them increase their sales and better understand their customers.


Designing custom phone covers is not a big deal anymore. Today most of the companies have taken their entire store online. Skinit is making custom phone-cases; customers can create their custom phone cases and other tech accessories. They can easily upload their favorite images from social media and create their custom covers.


Chocolate = Nutella. Almost everyone loves it, and product customization is not excluded in Nutella too. To upscale their sales, they introduced a custom labeling option. Customers can create custom labels with their names, which created a buzz in the market. People loved it a lot and in turn, helped them to increase their brand recognition. The label customization helped the company to tap into the emotions of their customers and increase their sales.

Susan Lanci:

Customization and increasing sales is not only limited to products for humans, but pet businesses have also become a part of it. Susan Lanci is an online dog boutique that helps pet owners customize their outfits, dog collars, and other dog accessories. The products are high quality, comfortable, safe, and a perfect fit for your pet friend. If you are a pet owner and want to provide your pet with some good quality products, then Susan Lanci can be your one-stop-shop.

DODO Cases:

No one would have thought of creating handcrafted leather iPad cases, but with DODO cases, it became a reality. Customers can send in their designs and create leather-based covers. They have been doing it for 7 years, and customization is the heart of their business model. In turn, it helps them increase their sales and get more customers.


Customization is paving the way for lots of new resources and ways to be introduced in the printing industry. If you are an online store thinking of ways to provide your customers with customization and setting up new product customization examples, don’t worry. Our Product Design Tool from Brush Your Ideas will help you to serve your customers better.

They can easily create custom designs from a large set of feature-rich library and express themselves easily. Additionally, customers can create previews, share on social media, and place an order right from there. Customization is a new way to serve your customers what they need, and increase your sales.

Furthermore, if you search for third-party software or want to set-up your store from scratch, our experts will help you throughout the process. Having served in the industry for a decade, you can rely on us and upscale your business.

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