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How to Sell Personalized Photo Calendars Online

How to Sell Personalized Photo Calendars Online
March 3 2020

The current calendar format we use is the Gregorian calendar. Founded years ago in 1582 by Pope Gregory XII.

This means that even thousands of years ago, people wanted a system to keep their day organized, to prioritize and record what’s happening in their life to strike the balance.

Though the rise of the Digital age gave birth to a plethora of calendar apps, there are people who still prefer printed calendars and planners for more productivity and focus.

Over a period of time, what’s changed is the pattern of calendars. Today people want to have calendars that are apt to their needs.

That’s why personalized calendars are gaining a lot of popularity today.

If you are planning to sell personalized calendars, then make sure to follow these points to give the most curated experience to your users:

Invest in the Right Solution

Before everything else, choosing the right Photo calendar designer tool is the key. As there are a number of photo calendar editors available online, it is important to stand out from the crowd and provide customers something that they would actually love.

Investing in a Photo Calendar Designer Tool will let your customers design the Photo Calendars using their choice of designs, colors, and get them printed the way they want to.

Some quick tips to pick the right Photo Calendar Design Tool:

- User-friendly interface to let customers design easily and quickly.

personalized calendar


For example, Brush Your Ideas’ Photo Calendar Design tool is divided into two sections. From the left panel, customers can apply the primary level of customization. For detailed changes like adjusting layers, applying photo effects, and other custom settings, they can utilize the right panel.

- The tool should be equipped with some basic as well as new features to compete in the ever changing industry.

- It should be cost-effective.

- It should be adapted according to the latest industry standards and secured for your e-store.

The right theme is mandatory

Having a theme can help your customers in designing the calendar overall. Do they want a holiday-themed calendar or a work calendar? For example, a professional photographer, Walter Arnold, specializes in photographing buildings and other objects. And each year he creates “The Art of Abandonment”. That is why it is very important to choose a theme that can match up your customers’ preferences. You can research trending themes keeping different audience sets in mind.

You can include the following audience bases:

- Artists

- Photographers

- Corporates

- For gifting purpose

- General occasion

Offering Customers the Freedom to Design a Custom Calendar

Offer diversity in the structure and types

Calendars can be more than just a reminder of days, weeks, meetings, schedules, etc. Some people regularly maintain their calendars with the to-dos of a whole month. Whereas, some would just maintain their regular schedule following the general structure. You can even include some options to let customers adjust their journaling area with features like alignment, space, etc.

These major types of calendars will help you bifurcate the structure.

Major calendar types:

- Desktop calendars

- Poster calendars

- Wall calendars

- Magnet calendars

- Mouse pad calendars

Let them add events and birthdays

Provide them the options to mark their important events, public holidays, or any date that they would want to remember. Here they would want to be precise as they would want to manage their overall schedule for the coming months accordingly. Hence, you can provide options like color, clipart, symbols to help them highlight that part accordingly.

Images are the key

Attention! The most important part of the personalized calendars. When customers want to personalize their calendars, they pay the most attention to the images. That’s why stock your gallery with some cool pictures that they can use. You can categorize them based on the customers’ interests. For example, a corporate image library, motivational quotes, nature pictures, animals, birds, etc. Here are some other tips to keep in mind: 

- Categorize pictures so that it can be easier for the users to choose from.

- The uploaded images should be high-quality images that can be adjusted to any type of resolution.

- Enable image upload in all the supported formats.

- Provide social media upload so that they can use their own images as well.

Paper choice

When providing them with the options of paper, it is important that you educate them on the purpose of using each type of paper. Presently in the market, there are two types of papers majorly used for the calendars. Glossy and Matte. While the Glossy papers are great for the overall finish of the pictures, Matte paper provides a sharp printing output.

Last but not least: Presentation Matters

Because that’s when they will be getting started! From the moment they land on your web page, it is critical to create an effective presentation of your products so that they can find them easily. Providing labels or small tips would help them if they get stuck somewhere.

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