How to Sell Custom Face Masks on Your Store

How to Sell Custom Face Masks on Your Store

With over 10 million confirmed Corona cases across the globe, people now have accepted that they’ll have to ‘learn to live’ with the ‘new normal’. Whichever industry or field you consider, several ‘new norms’ are already in place. And the Print Industry is no exception.

Earlier considered among other trivial accessories, face masks are now a part of life. To an extent that fashion and print business owners have introduced custom face masks – the new fashion statement!! Sounds strange yet fascinating, right?

So, if you are an online print store owner, it is time to introduce custom masks as a new outdoor attire accessory to your customers. And just like in all other fashion accessories, people are looking for personalization in face masks as well. And custom masks are the best to provide that.

So, let’s read on the tips on how to sell custom face masks on your e-store.

Choose the right online product design tool

Before finalizing an online product design tool, make sure to have this checklist.

– Responsive – To let customers access it easily on the go and experience a seamless designing interface across all devices.

– Loads Quickly – To ensure to not put off customers and increase bounce rates due to slow loading speed of functioning.

– Includes Multiple Products – To offer customers the freedom to customize a wide variety of products (and not just face masks) to enhance their engagement.

– Has Comprehensive Personalization Options – To escalate the conversion rate by offering customers the freedom of:

– Uploading custom images for masks

– Uploading their own selfies or photos to print

– Personalizing masks with creative texts, quotes, clipart images, etc.

– Offers Print-Ready Design Output Files – To allow customers to preview their final designs and edit them (if need be) before printing.

Has Price Differentiation CompetenciesTo let you offer a variety of pricing for customers to choose from based on their quantity and personalization elements introduced.



Market your face masks

Introducing a custom face mask won’t suffice alone. Paying equal attention to marketing them would also count. Unless you promote your face masks across various social media platforms, emails, etc. customers won’t know that you have come up with something new.

Even permanent customers would require you to make them aware of what new you’ve got for them, not to talk of new ones.

Therefore, focusing on social media marketing and email marketing is of paramount importance.

When it comes to on-site optimization, you can write a blog or two for face masks and optimize them for high-ranking keywords around face masks. Further, you can submit guest posts and SEO articles, write a LinkedIn article announcing the launch of custom face masks, etc.

This way, you can maximize your outreach to your customers via a number of channels and strategies.

Level up your FAQs section

Whenever you introduce a new product, customers have a number of questions in their mind. And to give answers to them individually won’t be feasible.

Hence, you should upgrade your FAQs section with a few common questions around custom masks people may be having.

Here are a few questions you can include:

How to wash your face masks?

You must answer it from both design perspective and hygiene perspective.

Include the information on the print colors you use and how to preserve those colors while washing. Further, educate them on the value of proper timely sanitization and washing of face masks.

What fabric material are masks made of?

This is an important piece of information you must convey to customers. Customers should know which fabric you have used for mask manufacturing. Besides that, you should also justify why and how the fabric you chose is suitable for durability, hygiene, comfort, and ease of use.

How to use the mask?

Though custom face masks attract customers primarily due to the appealing designs, their underlying purpose is still the protection against COVID infection. That is why it is crucial for you to give instructions to wear and remove them and dispose of them without exposing others to the risk of infection after a certain period.

Besides keeping the above questions, you can include:

1) How long can a reusable mask last?

2) What are the new rules and guidelines in regard to wearing custom masks?

3) Is it necessary to carry masks even in uncrowded places or for very short walks outside? etc.

Also, provide sufficient information in answers to such miscellaneous questions.

Are you ready to sell custom face masks?

The world is ready to shift to the new normals. Among a number of unprecedented changes in customers’ behavior are already evidently visible, the growing popularity of custom face masks is one. It is high time you started offering custom masks for sale with a range of face mask designs on your store and give your customers a reason to buy from your store.

Start your custom face mask printing business with Web to Print Store. See how our ready-to-launch solution can help you!

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Sulabh Chauhan

Sulabh Chauhan

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