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How to sell Promotional Merchandize Online

Promotional Merchandize Online
December 18 2016

Promotional merchandise is undoubtedly one of the key gateways to sell more for businesses dealing in customizable promotional merchandise online. Since most of the promotional merchandise is ordered by corporate customers and in bulk, you can earn much more through a single order than compared to individual product sales.

If you are an offline printer who deals in customized products, it's time for you to launch your business online. Having operated in the offline mode for so long you may not be sure initially how the online model will work. But with little investment in technology and processes, you can expand your market nationally and even internationally.

To make your task easier we have explained what you need to do to be able to sell you merchandise online.

Process to Follow for Selling Online

Step 1: Setup Your Online Store

If you already have an offline printing setup, you just need to set up an ecommerce website. To be able to sell online you will need to showcase your entire catalog online with all the product info and pictures and also allow your customers to order them directly on the store.

Step 2: Streamline Your Supply Chain

Tie up with shipping and sourcing partners to fulfill the orders the generated. If you are receiving orders online your existing sourcing mechanism may not be enough. On the other side, you will also have to figure out a way to deliver the orders to your customers by tying up with a suitable shipping partner.

Step 3: Add a Product Designer to Your Store

You also need to invest in the right product designer tool which will let your customers design their products directly on the store and hence would eliminate the need for any physical meeting between the buyer and the seller. Here's how to choose the right product designer tool for your store:

  • It should be easy to install on your part and easy to use for your customers. User interface is the most important point to consider while choosing for a designer tool.
  • It should offer a whole lot of features to customize products. For example, different fonts, masking effects, shadows, etc.
  • It should work for any product which is customizable. No matter how many different kinds of products you deal in, one tool should be enough for all.
  • It shouldn't complicate the checkout process. Once the customer is done with the customizing, the checkout should be just as simple as for other products.

Benefits of selling promotional merchandise online

More buyers

You might be doing a good business offline as well, but who doesn't like a few extra customers? Most of the offline printers have a set of loyal companies who buy their promotional stuff from them. In case of offline print businesses, progress in terms of sales is very low, if any. On the other hand, online selling leads to an extensive market reach. Most of the companies are moving to online platforms to buy their promotional stuff as it saves their time and an employee's labor to manage the chores. The geographical limitation is also removed and hence you can transact beyond boundaries of your state or country.

Lower Operational Costs

Selling of promotional products incurs less cost for the seller as producing in bulk is always cheaper. By selling them online, you can save much more. Operational costs including electricity bills, store maintenance, hosting customers, etc. are reduced to a significant level.


Last, but definitely one of the most important points to note is that selling online brings recognition to your business. As your sales grow further, you become a brand and then customers come to your store without much pursuing. Recognition and brand is what helps your business grow and succeed further.

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