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How Can Web-to-Print Solutions Benefit Print Brokers, Ecommerce Businesses and Their Customers?

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April 16 2018

Since you have come to the space of blogs on Brush Your Ideas, we believe that you already know what web-to-print software is. Today, most of the ecommerce businesses thrive on digital printing and offer personalized services to their customers. And I believe, it is already apparent from the fact that most of the people around us carry personalized products and several ecommerce store owners have jumped into the bandwagon of adopting web-to-print design software.

The market forecasting studies have proved that the global printing industry will reach the figure of $980 billion by end of the year 2018. In terms of value, print market's digital share will go from being 9.5% in 2008 to 19.7% in the year 2018. This is probably the reason almost 50% of print providers have invested in web-to-print solutions. And nearly 70% of print service providers in USA have invested in an all-inclusive web-to-print software system.

So, what is all the web-to-print fuss about? Why has it become mandatory for Print Brokers and ecommerce businesses? Why are print service providers in search of better printing technologies? We are here to give some perspectives about the same. But before we do that, there needs to be an understanding of why do we need web-to-print solutions?

Web-to-Print Marketplace: A Hub for Ecommerce Business Owners and Print Vendors

Let us consider a scenario. A customer who visits an ecommerce website places an order with an ecommerce store owner. Now, if the e-store owners have a web-to-print design software and a printing facility they can finalize it and print the order. But, if they do not have the facility, they would have to approach a print broker or a professional print provider who prints orders in bulk.

If you studied the above scenario keenly, you must have understood that a web-to-print marketplace brings e-store owners, graphic designers, print brokers and providers on a single platform. This plays a huge role in boosting productivity and bring mobility to the entire print production cycle. If you want to be at a better place in the market than where you currently are, you must either invest into a web-to-print software yourself or strike a deal with print providers within your vicinity.

Now that we have known why web-to-print is necessary, let us understand who all need it and why.

Print Brokers

Printing a couple of individualized orders using a software is one thing and printing a bulk order of 15,000 brochures is whole another. It can ask for a lot of time and a modernized and fast paced workflow. Print brokers can help to reduce the timeline between order submissions and final delivery through web-to-print services. Through trade printer solutions, print brokers can cope with the bottleneck competition and offer their customers with better solutions at reasonable rates. Also, it enables their customers to order the marketing material from their devices while they are on the move.

Internet and latest technologies have bridged the gap between online and offline printers. Web-to-print solutions have created a platform for printing businesses so that customers can coordinate with the business owners for their preferable printing services. As we all know, the print brokers are the middle men and they get commission from both the parties.

Ecommerce Business Owners

Ecommerce store owners can benefit in enormous and numerous ways through the web-to-print facility. All they need to do is integrate a superior quality web-to-print software to their website platform. Thereafter, they can hand over the entire process of designing a product and ordering them to their customers. The customers need to choose the product of their preference and design it using design, clipart, templates and more. A web-to-print software enables e-store owners to take control over quality and consistency of the orders. The print production cycle might or might not involve the printer.

Adopting a web-to-print ecommerce software keeps misunderstandings and bloopers at bay as what is shown is what gets printed. In fact, as the customers themselves design the product from the scratch, they themselves can create, edit, and make changes whenever needed. This approach has taken web-to-print from a traditional scenario to a much modernized and a professional scenario. Enhanced workflow, enhanced online presence, improved productivity and better productivity are some of the advantages of a web-to-print product design software.

End Users

"My way or the highway" is the philosophy that the customers of today go by. Just customization does not suffice as people want everything to be made the way they like. As ecommerce websites have become mobile-friendly, it enables customers to create designs on the move and offers a lot of convenience. The customer can also place the order online by providing their preferred delivery date. Print marketplace solutions are such that customers can preview their products, make last minute changes, and monitor the progress of their order.


Maulik Shah

After the huge success of Biztech’s other products, founder Maulik Shah ventured out to make a web-to-print software solution, and thus, Brush Your Ideas was born. His visionary ideas and innovative power have always been the cornerstone of the success of the company at every step. Maulik enjoys bird watching, playing cricket and is an avid reader.