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Help Your Customers Cheer Up their Employees amid COVID-19

Help Your Customers Cheer Up their Employees amid COVID-19
May 15 2020

Employees are like the ‘cornerstone’ of a company that strives for its continuous growth and success. Every time a customer visits a store and makes a purchase, it is the employees who put in great efforts to keep them engaged. They are the front face of your company. That is why, acknowledging their value and making them realize that you care for them is important. 

And for that, rewarding them is one of the best ideas - especially when they are standing in solidarity with their companies in the prevailing time of this uncertainty amidst the global pandemic. 

Hence, offering corporate gift items is a great business opportunity for print store owners, especially during this pandemic. And the freedom of personalization will be a cherry on the top!

So, here’s the list of several corporate gift items you can offer on your print store to keep your customers’ employees’ spirits high. 

Mugs and Tumblers

No matter whether they are at home or in the office - employees will always need a mug or tumbler to drink their favorite beverages. What if they received a mug or tumbler as a gift from your customers (company owners or leads, etc.) with a personalized token of appreciation or a thanksgiving note printed on it? Or a mug with their own photos? Employees won’t only find these mugs lovely but also feel honored and motivated to give in their best every time they use them. 

To allow this freedom of customization, you can integrate a WooCommerce Product Designer or any other designer tool into your store backend. Your customers will be able to customize mugs or tumblers and add their designs, images, or personalized messages for appreciation. For instance, if an employee has got a promotion, a company owner can order a mug/tumbler with a personalized ‘Congratulations’ message on it.


A personalized notebook with a few details like the employee’s name, date of joining, designation, recent achievements, etc. accompanied by a token of gratitude can be a good corporate gift idea. An employee won’t only find it useful for personal diary writing or noting down office tasks but also safekeep it out of the emotional connection with that. 

Hence, let your customers customize a notebook/diary cover with a card and stationery design tool and help make their employees feel valued.

Photo Calendars/Frames

A personalized photo calendar as a corporate gift can serve two purposes.

First - It will help employees keep track of their daily tasks and due dates - especially when working from home these days. Two - With 12 custom photos on all the 12 pages along with personalized messages or one-liners will engage them even more. 

By offering custom photo calendars through photo calendar design software, you can let your customers upload a few hand-picked snaps of employees’ old cherishable memories at office, events, celebrations, or felicitation ceremonies, etc. Even more, they can think of an idea like the tips to stay safe from the novel Coronavirus these days - with 12 custom illustrations with instructions - one on each page.

Similarly, custom photo frames with personalized motivational quotes, thanksgiving notes, or employees’ old photos can also work magic to inspire them greatly.


The summer has already set in. Offering personalized t-shirts this summer would be a good idea. When company owners get to add designs, pics, and personalized messages like ‘Employee of the Year’, ‘We Care for You’, or ‘We Thank You’, etc., via a t-shirt design tool, they would be able to help their employees stay emotionally attached to companies.

With the acknowledgment of their support and incessant efforts, your customers can benefit by boosting the employees’ morale and inspiring them to work even harder for better results. 

Keychains and Pens 

Out-of-the-box gifts never fail to engage the audience. Two such corporate gift items for employees can be keychains and pens. While a gift like a keychain or a pen may sound a trivial gift, it actually isn’t.

While an employee can always use a pen for writing and a keychain for keys, giving them a personal touch with the employees’ name and job role engraved can go a long way towards letting them know that they aren’t just employees, but more! They are an integral part of the company and they value them as individuals. 

And you can make it possible for your customers with the integration of the online gift design software and grant them the freedom of personalization. 

Ready to Help Boost Employees’ Morale?

Now that you have understood how beneficial it is for companies to acknowledge employees’ value and rewarding them, it is time you offered your customers a means to reward their resources with custom items. 

And you can always rely on a cutting-edge product designer tool like Brush Your Ideas Product Designer software.

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