“Select, order, and checkout” is now considered to be an time-worn 3 stepped way of ordering online. The new process of shopping online is – “Select the product, design it, place an order and checkout.” This is because most of the buyers prefer to order what they like. If you do not provide the option of customization to your customers, you might experience dwindling sales. To boost your online presence and generate better revenues, you must configure a web-to-print software with your website.

Conduct some research online and you will come across several companies that have benefitted themselves and their customers by integrating product designer tools on their website. These product designer tools are available for different platforms including Magento, WordPress, PHP, Shopify, PrestaShop etc. So, how do these technologies work? How are the customized products printed and what is the importance of web-to-print technology? Take a tour of this infographic and know it for yourself.