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*WEBINAR ALERT* Web Printing Automation: Zero Manual Labor from Custom Specifications to Multiple Printers

Announcing Upcoming Free Webinar: Web Printing Automation
June 8 2020

Do you also see the pre-printing process almost as a battle-field?

Because when customers demand specific print-ready files like Vector files, Non-vector files (PNG, JPG), Output with bleed or a specific size file, or trim marks, it becomes hard to execute each and every process with precision. That too for every different product you print.

For how many times you would visit each and every print-ready file individually, assign it to its designated printer?

- It consumes time

- Causes delayed deliveries

- Impacts customer service due to delays

However, gone are the days when as a printer you would manually do things to get work done. It is time to automate the process that you feel does not need your much attention. And that brings us to the purpose of this webinar.

Learn how you can automate your web printing process’ pre-stage--- Print-ready files in our FREE webinar on 24th June, 7 AM PST | 7:30 PM IST.

Our speakers, Nitin Gupta (Product Owner & Scrum Master), Foram Shah (Customer Success Rep), will explain how QUICKLY you can apply these changes with the following topics during the webinar: 

- Why is the correct format necessary?

- Importance of the industry specification for output generation 

- Various output types supported

- Showcasing in real-time with demo

- Flexibility to add custom output options 

With little details and specifications, get your Print-ready files available in the selected size, with bleed/trim marks. 

Save manual labor, streamline the process, and deliver more in less time! 

Register this FREE webinar  today from here:

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