We no longer exist in the era of visiting shoe stores and trying all the shoes that could possibly match our attire. It’s all about being within the comfort of your home, sitting with the attire you like and making an ad hoc shoe design to go with it. If you have a traditional shoe store and are thinking of upgrading your brand, think about investing in Shoe Design software or a tool that can be integrated with your estore and can help your customers to design their own shoes.

But before you invest into one of these tools, you should know about the working of these tools the features they come with. Take a look at some of them.

Custom design facility

This is the first step that needs to be followed by the customer when the front-end layout of the shoe designer tool is in front of them. They can choose out of the different available shoe designs. As a shoe store owner, you can keep updating the designs from time to time to make your tool attractive. One can choose from the range of heels, pencil heels, flat heads, pumps, platform pumps according to their likings. There is also an availability of different shoe materials and designs to choose from.

User Friendly interface

There are several aspects and intricacies that have to be considered while designing the shoes. And that is the reason why the tool should be developed in such a way that it can offer the best in terms of functionality. It is also very important for the tool to have an easy to use interface so that a good pair of shoes can be designed with just few clicks. User-friendliness will minimize the amount of cart abandonments faced by complicated software.

Easy integration

The shoe designer tools of today are created in such a way that they can be easily integrated with your desired ecommerce platform. So you don’t have to worry much about the installation procedures or merging your store products with the tool.

Support & Maintenance

The providers of shoe designer tool also help with the regular maintenance and monitoring of the tool. So if things go wrong with the software, you can ask the authorities to provide you the needed support. Also, you can ask them to provide you with updates to the new version of the software so that you can remain ahead of the competitors.

It’s time to strengthen the presence of your online store and provide your customers with excellent choice in shoes. If you want to make an efficient sale and generate handsome returns, you can try Brush Your Ideas All-in-one Product Design Software using which you can design any kind of product.