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Everything You Need to Know About Web-to-print Industry

Web-to-print Industry
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April 10 2017

The web-to-print market is projected to reach US$ 1.3 billion by 2022 globally. Major driving forces driving this rapid growth include e-commerce boom, entrepreneurship, internet, and rapid advancement in digital technology. Due to these driving forces, there is positive as well as negative impact on the printing industry. Positives are increased operational efficiency and cost reductions in terms of procurement and execution of print work. On the other hand, it has also been noted that the print volumes declined due to constant migration of merchants from offline to online means. You can read more about the pros and cons of the web-to-print process to form a balanced opinion on whether or not it is the right option for you.

Customization, product management, order management and providing accessibility on the go to the customers have really pushed the print industry to an advanced level of technological excellence.

There have been quite a number of problems associated with large format printing such as inconsistent pricing and customization. Web-to-print solutions solve this problem effectively as it eliminates the need for IT infrastructure and collaboration with an ISP to Internet Service Provider to provide back- end support.

Let's take an example of how web-to-print can help within multiple departments in the company. web-to-print can act as a hub for all the printing orders done by the company making it streamlined for marketing, accounts, purchases and other relevant departments. One will be able to set up various groups such as people who can order and the people who can approve the same order. An order can be placed by purchasing department's manager, marketing manager can iterate or upload any other reference file if required and accounts manager can finally match up the purchase order with the invoice provided.

We have put together this infographic to better explain everything about web-to-print from a retail industry perspective.

Everything You Need to Know About Web-to-print Industry Infographics_Final

Maulik Shah

After the huge success of Biztech’s other products, founder Maulik Shah ventured out to make a web-to-print software solution, and thus, Brush Your Ideas was born. His visionary ideas and innovative power have always been the cornerstone of the success of the company at every step. Maulik enjoys bird watching, playing cricket and is an avid reader.