6 Latest Label Design Trends To Make Your Product Stand Out in 2023

6 Latest Label Design Trends To Make Your Product Stand Out in 2023

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” they say. However, unlike in old times, there are so many choices available for a single genre today.

And deciding which book to read from such a long list can be difficult. Thus, if the cover of a book intrigues someone, they are surely going to consider buying it after taking a closer look at it.

The same thing happens with your products. There are so many options available today for a single product category. Considering the abundance of buying options available, your product must stand out. And one of the best ways to do it is by customizing your product label.

Buy Your Product

In times when a person only takes 7 seconds to decide whether to buy your product or not, it becomes crucial for you to design attractive yet informative product labeling.

You can also allow your buyers to add fun elements and text to your product labels with the help of online label design software. This can make your labels even more interactive.


In this blog, you will discover the latest trends in custom labeling and the benefits they can provide to your business and customers.

Custom Label Design Trends

Simplicity is attractive.

Custom Label Design Trends

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We all feel connected to something that is simple, familiar, and easy to understand. No one likes complications and difficulties. The same goes for labeling.

Designing complicated and more content heavy packaging can sometimes confuse buyers.

However, when you design it simply, using one or two font styles, and highlight the use case of your product, it becomes easier for them to find out what your product actually does and how it can help them.

The Ordinary skincare brand, for example, does not use fancy words or extravagant designs on its labels. They just put out their basic logo and the ingredients their product contains. This helps buyers find the perfect product to rectify their skin problems.

Try to be more colorful.

Colors please our eyes and make our hearts smile. Adding color to your labels can help your target audience remember your products and find them more easily among different categories.

Varying colors used in the packaging can evoke different emotions.

Try to be more colorful

The colorful custom labeling and packaging by Bath & Body Works, for example, helps customers differentiate their scents. This also elevates their customers’ experience.

minimalistic packaging style

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This colorful yet minimalistic packaging style helped them grab the best packaging experience award, too.

Thus, adding color can influence buying decisions and make your product more visually appealing in the eyes of buyers.

Tell a story.

Stories are engaging and help customers connect better with your brand. Using the right image and colors, one can convey many things without even using a word.

Using creative illustrations and designs, you can easily portray your brand message.

Tell a story

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Scanwood is a wooden utensil brand. They demonstrated very creatively through labeling that their products are made using eco-friendly processes and natural ingredients.

This helped the brand attract more customers by making its labeling understandable to people with different languages.

Be concise yet informative.

Besides logos, companies are also highlighting the key ingredients of their products on labels to influence buyers. This type of custom labeling has become crucial for health supplements and cosmetic products.

concise yet informative

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Customers today are aware and will check to see if your products contain comedogenic substances, parabens, sulfates, and so on. They are now looking for organic products, and companies are highlighting this in their packaging.

Make buyers part of your label designing

When Nutella decided to allow their buyers to design their own labels, their customers went mad. All customers have to do is, visit their website, type their name, and submit the on-pack code to receive Nutella jars with their names on them.

This was a huge success and turned out to be the biggest campaign for Ferrero in the UK and Ireland. Several other companies, such as Oreo and Coca-Cola, also introduced similar campaigns and succeeded in boosting sales.

You can also run similar campaigns or give your customers the ability to easily customize their labels with the help of custom label software.

Integrating custom label design software in your existing eCommerce store can help buyers create personalized labels, making the purchasing process more engaging and fun. You can also get into the business of custom label printing with the help of this dynamic label printing solution.

This software offers your buyers a variety of font options that they can use to add any text they wish. Moreover, they can also upload images from their personal devices or social media platforms. To make labels more eye-catching, they can select any clipart from the gallery of 1,000+ clipart.

Apart from this, one can also add QR codes to labels that aid in communicating important information. It also has a “bleed cut safety line feature” to assure perfectly printed custom labels.

And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about stating your customers’ changes in price based on the customizations they made. This software comes with a live pricing feature that showcases the real-time pricing of your product according to changes made.

These are just a few of the software’s standout features. To explore more such features and get actual experience with this software, you can also schedule a free, personalized demo at your convenience.


Wit can be helpful.

From IKEA’s funny and creative ad to McDonald’s witty hoardings, humor has always helped brands create a longing impact on viewers’ minds.

IKEAs funny

Many brands have started implementing this strategy on their labels as well.

Implementing strategy labels

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Elderbrook is one such brand. They wanted to offer a healthy alternative to water. However, they didn’t want to make fake promises like giving one Popeye’s muscle by just drinking one sip of their product.

They just wanted to show that their drink tastes good and is better than other sugar-refined drinks. So, they came up with this witty packaging idea. This helped them create a unique impact on the minds of buyers.

These are a few of the custom-label trends prevailing today. Brands are successfully using these tactics and making themselves stand out. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that businesses gain from using custom labels.

Benefits Your Product Will Gain From Custom Labeling

Aids in Advertising

A label aids in distinguishing one product from others on the shelf. When your label is customized with your USP, you gain an advantage over your competitors because it is easy to distinguish your product from theirs.

Also, when your labels are attractively designed, customers are enticed to purchase your product. Thus, custom labels are a great way to effectively promote your products.

Communicate Your Message to Buyers

Through custom labeling, you can pass on any information about your product to buyers. You can highlight each and every ingredient and also write content that will directly impact the buyer’s mind.

Makes Your Product Stand Out

Any American buyer has an attention span of 8 to 12 seconds. So your product must have an element that will make buyers choose it from the hundreds of options available today.

When your labels are designed with bold fonts, attractive colors, and illustrative images, they become attractive and tend to draw people toward them. Thus, custom labeling makes your products attractive and eye-catching.

Increases Brand Loyalty

A uniquely customized label makes it easier for buyers to remember your product. And once they establish this association, they will become familiar with your brand. This will make your product trustworthy and recognizable in their eyes, leading to repurchases.

It’s time to level up your product labeling

Basic labels are everywhere. But when you wish to take your product a level above your competitors, you must do something extraordinary. And custom labeling can assist you in accomplishing the same.

You can also delegate this task to your buyers to create extra engagement and enhance their ordering experience. This will not only make them come to you again but also attract new customers to your business.

If you are still not sure about custom labeling or want to try your hand at a custom label printing business, our team of experts is here to help you out. With 16+ years of experience, you can find a solution to your every doubt regarding the custom labeling or custom printing business.

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