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How to Create a Web-to-Print E-store Like CustomInk?

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September 4 2018

When getting started in the world of personalization, CustomInk is a fantastic example to follow. CustomInk laid its foundation in North Virginia during the year 2000 and became one of the frontrunners when it comes to personalization caps and t-shirts.

Initially, it was difficult for them to provide customers with t-shirts in a conventional way. Also, as the technology that enables customers to design wasn’t so advanced, their major focus was satisfying their customers with the quality of t-shirts. And they kept that quest going. At this stage, the advancement in technology has led them to be a marketplace winner that has shipped over 60 million products.

Now, what if you get to implement a similar business model for your web-to-print business? Sounds like a great plan to make it big quickly, right?

At Brush Your Ideas, we can get you CustomInk Clonned, by setting up the store with a similar flow. So, if you are looking for the same then read ahead... 

How your store would look like

As per their current web structure, they have showcased products in different categories. Once the customer selects any product, they get redirected to the designer tool page.


(Source: CustomInk)

CustomInk Clone

(Source: CustomInk)

The good part is that you can customize every aspect – colors, fonts, layouts, etc. The screenshot above is of an apparel store of CustomInk, but you’ll be able to sell any products you want.

What will be the business flow

One of the important takeaways from CustomInk is the way they represent their products, personalization, and check outflow. For example, while checking out, they offer multiple buying options including Fundraising, Bulk buy, or a normal purchase. In the same way, you can also customize or implement a similar flow. Be it a design flow, ecommerce flow, or any flow. The key part is that customers should be able to design products as per their expectations and experience safe transactions at the same time. Although if you have something else to offer, we have got the solution.

Things you will need to get Customink Cloned

- A web store

- Designer tool

Although CustomInk is a marketplace and a hub for different web-to-print store owners. And we can get you cloned by building your own website from scratch, integrate an online product designer software and that’s it! You will be done.

The best part is, our online product designer tool is compatible with all the eCommerce platforms. Using it, you can enable your customers to design whatever they want, the way they want. Take a look at some of the major features of Brush Your Ideas given below:

  1. An All-Inclusive Platform-Independent Tool
  2. Built Using a Mobile-First Approach
  3. Comes with a rich library of 10,000+ clipart, images, texts, and ready templates
  4. Provides Social Media Uploading and Sharing option
  5. Can be customized based on your requirements
  6. Works with all printing files and formats
  7. Fit for printing on all products with printable surfaces

Now let us understand what each feature entails 

All-Inclusive Platform-Independent Tool

The sub-title describes it all. As mentioned above, Brush Your Ideas works with most of the ecommerce platforms. This means you do not have to worry about what platform your ecommerce store belongs to. Just integrate our tool and you are all ready to sell customized products to your customers!

Mobile-First Approach

We understand the importance of mobile responsiveness more than any other company does. And that’s why we built Brush Your Ideas using the Mobile First Approach. This means no matter where your customers are, they would be able to design the products of their choice on their handy devices and on the go. 

Feature Rich Library

Thanks to our versatile and beautiful library, your customers will never fall short of designing options. CustomInk offers its customers a variety of artwork and image library to beautify their products.  With our library, customers can make the most out of BYI’s feature-rich library of 10000+ Clipart and templates and get designing. These clipart and templates are extremely creative and fit perfectly with the products you provide. 

In case you want to add your own templates or clipart; sure, we can help you with it!

Social Media Upload

This is an additional feature for you if you have social media, savvy customers. As Brush Your Ideas comes with a Social Media Uploading and sharing option, your customers can design the product of their choice, upload, and share it with their friends and family. So, be it Facebook or Instagram, let your customers flaunt their art and win hearts around them. 

Customized According to Your Business

Clients belonging to different verticals have approached Brush Your Ideas for integrating our product designer tool with their website. And we have created software that meets with their business objectives. So, in case you think that our current tool lacks the functionalities you are willing to have, we would be more than happy to customize the tool according to your requirements. 

Works with all printing files, and formats

No more fretting or stressing over the formats of print-ready files that your customers provide. As Brush Your Ideas works with all kinds of files and formats, you will never have to request your customers to resend the files or compromise with the file quality. So be it a .jpg, .jpeg or PDF; BYI can help you print it all. 

Fit for Printing on All Products

Mugs, Pen Drives, Shoes, Bags, Attires and more…there are no limitations with the kind of products you can print using Brush Your Ideas. The only condition is, it should have a printable surface. Just add the printable products you wish to sell on your e-store, let your customers design and create a print-ready file and you can easily print it.

This was just a brief tour of what all Brush Your Ideas can do for you. You can check out detailed features of our web-to-print solution on our website.

There certainly wasn’t a better time to get CustomInk cloned for your ecommerce business than it is today. So, what are you waiting for?

Get your store now!

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