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July 18 2018

While seeking a shopping adventure, I choose my wife to shop with. Absolutely determined to impress! So, I went to every branded store in the Mall and picked the style that she loves. But I failed. So, the analyst in me must do his job to find the reasons for this failure. My wife said, "Darling, this is old fashion, don't you find something new?"

In day to day life, the online shop owners are these husbands and their leaving customers are these wives. It is not just about new clothes, or just about fashion. People shop when they are depressed. People shop when they are happy. People shop when they have nothing else to do and have some money they can spend. The reasons to shop are quite many. And the answers for what to shop are always ambiguous.

So, as an online shop owner, it is quite natural that you keep your suppliers on their toes for a fresh catalog. You might even be adding new ones time & again. How is that everyday sprint helping you?

Right, so how to breathe easy?

If you a lot of money, go for branded material. The brand will take care of their customers' fashion quotient. Yes, the competition is tough, the costs are quite serious, and must have a high-class UI to sell branded products. However, do you realize that for non-branded products a plain and a raw product is a catalog per say?

In normal instances, there are three types of non-branded persona of an online store. First is the one who has an identity. You are one of those online store owners who choose their own taste of products and customer love your taste. Second is the one who flies with seasons. Mostly these online stores make most of the revenue during the festivals. The third is where everything and anything is available.

Through one or the other means, all these online store owners must update their catalog. Eventually, they are at the mercy of what they can find the best from their suppliers, resources, hand-picks, and all other sorts of options. Why do you not let the customer make what they want?

Customer Driven Catalog Management

What's unique about a t-shirt: the material, the print, the shape of the neck, the length, the color, or something else? If you are a non-branded online t-shirt shop, you just need to integrate our Magento Product Customizer. Then the choice is up to you, what you want your buyer to customize the product into. Let them change the material or the color. Let them add their own nice funny tagline. Or, the Halloween print of their choice. Who cares, they can even make an abstract of their own with our Brush Tool feature.

The crucial benefit is the ultimate USP it gives you. Your store never runs out of the fresh catalog. The length of your catalog is as finite as the buyer's imagination and limitation of the Printing options you have. But finite, yes!

Brush Your Ideas – Magento Product Customizer

It is one of the strongest products in our web-to-print ecommerce solutions arsenal. Based on the customer feedbacks and overall feedback from the market, product personalization is one of the finest methods to improve your store catalog. It is beyond the traditional variety you seek for every quarter, every season, and during every sale.

So, how it works?

Our Magento Product Customizer is ready to integrate Magento extension. We provide complete support for installation and for product configuration (if you require). Before installation, our team does the feasibility check for your platform, and any existing customization that exists on your current setup. If you require additional features or store specific features, we do provide end to end customization for our extension as well as for your website (if you require).

After the installation, there is a step-by-step configuration panel to enable product personalization, to set up the print area or the customization area, and various other settings to offer these features to your customers.

Some of the Best Examples...

During the launch of iPhone X, everyone rushed to the Apple stores. And thereafter, to the online shops for the best iPhone case, they can get. It requires planning and availability at the time of the launch. Personalized iPhone cases were the top selling non-branded product during the period. Similarly, every year during the Halloween, when a Marvel or a DC movie releases, during the Xmas, for someone's birthday or anniversary – personalized products are not rocket science. Even to say "Sorry" personalized gifts catalog is one of the favorites.

Do not hold back anymore. We provide the range of choices to choose a pricing plan that fits your budget. Request for a personalized demo today to understand how our extension works!

Parth Pandya

Having served in various capacities of the marketing profile in diverse industries throughout his career, Parth has an eye for result-oriented marketing strategies. His formidable communication skills, immense interest in the printing industry and its facts, and customer engagement techniques never fail to yield outstanding results.