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Best Practices to Advertise your WooCommerce Web to Print Business

Best Practices to Advertise your WooCommerce Web to Print Business
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April 21 2019

If you've landed on this article means, you have a WooCommerce web to print store which you want to market to improve the brand visibility.

But before we share some of the best practices to advertise a web to print business, you need to decide what makes your store stand out in the market?

Is it the web product page, pricing plan, product demo, support or the product itself?

You might stand out for your product page or either post-sales support but the truth is that you need to work on all these segments together as a whole to turn the leads into paying customers.

Generally, an online web-to-print store has a product designer tool integrated with its e-commerce platform but that's not enough for a success web-to-print business. It takes more than that to make it big in the product personalization market.

One such important aspect for a successful web-to-print business is advertising your brand aligned with your business goals.

And advertising, in general, is important for any business as it influences and impacts your overall e-store performance at a large extent.

I mean how else will your targeted customers know that you've opened an e-store?

Having a WooCommerce Product designer tool on your Web to Print store, you should be aware of this domain's popularity. In order to make sure that market competitors don't engulf your market share, we have brought you the best practice to market your WooCommerce Web to Print Business the right way.

First Become Your Own Customer

Before you present your business services to your customers, use the product from the customer's perspective. Create a buyer's persona for your product. Does it solve the problems of your target audience? There might be chances that you find various pitfalls in your product design or ideation. And this calls for some product enhancements in the concerned areas.

Get Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Experts say that it's a guerilla method of PR. Ask your existing customers through email conversations or through feedback forms, surveys, etc. to share their experience with your product. Did your product help your customers to solve the purpose? And if they say yes, then do not miss out on the chance to ask them to give you a shout out among their associates or friends.

Make a Strong Digital Presence

It's not an easy task but it is an effective way to pick up the pace of your store. To leverage the luxury of organic traffic and audience, it is important to optimize your store to the latest SEO standards. With the right targeted keywords and audience, you would start getting results after a few months. Apart from that, you can also try implementing paid marketing simultaneously to attain the advantages of both worlds.

Demonstrate your Potential

Share case studies of your happy customers and showcase your knowledge with blogs, guest posts, white papers, etc. That could add a lot of value to your targeted audience helping them make an informed decision. Promote these case studies on as many niche sites as you can. It's the best way to attract the prospects from your target market. Customers believe the numbers more than anything. Even you can share this across your current email activities and campaigns as well.

Online Video Marketing

Online Video Marketing

Apart from internet marketing, WooCommerce Web to Print store owners can utilize the free online video marketing platform – Youtube. You can create videos showcasing the products you offer. One thing to keep in mind is to make the videos interactive and interesting that appeal to your customers. Create videos that have a humor element to get traction from various social media platforms.

Build Guides and Promote!

Rather than just creating content that talks about only your products or focus on keywords, start creating guides that help users. For example, if you offer customized apparels, following titles could help to create the large audience base that navigates customers to your store.

  1. 15 Creative Ways to Wear Scarves in All the Seasons
  2. 10 Different Ways to Flaunt the Casual Wear T-shirt
  3. A Complete Style Guide for Spring

Plan Giveaways

We all love giveaways. Even if it's a small pen. Set time intervals and plan various giveaways and send to the selected winners. This way, your customers would get to use your products which gives them a sense of your brand. This activity would help you increase followers on your social media which eventually will help your brand to grow.

Run Facebook Ads for Awareness

Facebook Ads

They are cheaper. Plus, you easily get to target your audience. It is the best & the cheapest way to spread brand awareness among your target audience. While the web to print concept is no more a newly introduced concept in the market, but still, the segment of your customers might not be aware of the type of offering you have.

Pro tip: In the display advertising, use images that deliver your message in a way that delights the customers and encourage them to click on your store URLs.

Participate on Forums

Try to be as active as you can in your industry forums to help your customers solve their queries. This way, they would get to know you as a person and your business. Once they see you as a brand with deep knowledge of the industry, they will turn to you for answers which is the best way to build long-term customer relations.

Take it Offline

Nothing beats meeting potential customers one-on-one and explaining the product to them directly with a personal touch. This strategy helps you in the early stages of your business when you are still building your brand. These offline meetings also work their charm when you want to crack an enterprise level deal.

In a Nutshell

Spreading your effort over various marketing channels and strategies is the key to successfully spreading your brand's name. Utilizing a diverse set of techniques increases your chances of success. There is a reason behind that. If one fails, you have other marketing channels to rely on for traffic and leads.

Already have a WooCommerce e-store? Get in touch with us to integrate our product designer tool here.

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