Can Small & Mid-sized Web-to-print Stores Compete Big Players?

Can Small & Mid-sized Web-to-print Stores Compete Big Players?

Aug 31st, 2021

History is witness that companies who have failed to future-proof their business were unable to survive.

For instance, Kodak, once one of the biggest film companies, could not keep up with the digital revolution.

The reason for Kodak’s failure was that it missed opportunities in digital photography. The company held back from developing digital cameras for fear of destroying its film-based business model.

The result? Its competitor Canon grasped the opportunity and ultimately outlived the giant.

In any industry, including the web-to-print industry, big players have the resources and human power to innovate and hop on to trends constantly.

But what do small and mid-sized businesses do? How do you future-proof your business in an industry that is constantly evolving?

From increasing demand for customization to a shift towards business automation, old ways of doing business do not guarantee that you can stay ahead in the competition.

However, solutions like a web to print software fulfill all your requirements for product customization and run your business smoothly.

Continue reading to know all about it. Here’s a quick summary of what this post covers:

Benefits of Design Templates for End Users

1. The Demand for Dynamic Designs

Industry trends lead to an increased demand for unique designs, especially in sectors like clothing and footwear. End customers no longer want printed designs that thousands of other shoppers have.

For instance, the ‘keep calm and carry on’ quotes on phone cases and t-shirts are now bygone. The latest design trends include doodles, bold statements, anime graphics, etc.

For example, Factory43 has some fantastic graphics that feature original illustrations. Their designs have earned recognition from Communication Arts and the Society of Illustrators, among others.

Designs covering original illustrations

(Designs covering original illustrations)

Dynamic designs are a challenge for web to print store owners that specialize in promotional products and packaging printing. Brands are taking product packaging seriously, and providing traditional printed labels is not enough.

Using a web to print software equipped with thousands of predefined templates, designs, clipart, and more, you can now enable customers to choose from various designs.

Pre-loaded templates are default templates with the product when the customer opens a product for customizing.

Once you configure design templates from the backend, your customers can load the Default Templates by clicking on the ‘Templates’ tab on the product designer Page. Customers can also search the templates by name from the ‘Search by Name’ text field.

Predefined templates

(Predefined templates that your customers can choose from)

They can further customize a product by changing background, adding text, adding filters, etc.

Take a look at the features and functionalities of a product designer tool


2. Error Free Results in Less Time

There is a shift in the way the web to print businesses conduct operations. They aim for short print runs and doing the work in less time. In such a scenario, the traditional way of printing is not acceptable. It is time-consuming and prone to errors.

Often your design team does not understand the requirement, and there is constant back and forth for finalizing. Such a tedious process discourages shoppers from placing an order.

Online templates will cut the need for constant back and forth as customers can now create their designs. They not only have thousands of pre-loaded designs at their disposal, but they can even add their favorite images from their devices to give a personalized touch.

Easy custom image upload personal touch

(Easy custom image upload to add a personal touch)

The best thing about having a template-based web to print store is that you can reduce the chances of potential errors during the designing process. Features like a low-resolution warning enable you to warn customers in case of faulty images. Moreover, you get print-ready files that make printing easy. All these features eliminate the time-consuming process of sending designs back and forth.

Shoppers can even get a real-time preview of what an end-product will look like. This significantly reduces purchase returns.

warning messages reduces design errors

(Features like warning messages reduces design errors)

User-friendly and Interactive Way of Designing

The biggest advantage of predefined is they aim to make designing easy. With preloaded templates, end customers need not create designs from scratch. They pick a template and start customizing it further.

Shoppers are searching for convenience more than ever. Did you know 83% of shoppers say that convenience while shopping is more important today than it was five years ago?

Using a customization tool to design ready templates, you can offer convenience to your shoppers and help make them better purchasing decisions.

Other than templates, other features make designing easy for customers. For instance, layout manager.

Especially for products like a photo album where users have to add different custom images in different sizes, ready-to-use layouts make their task easy. They can choose layouts as per their requirement and make further edits.

Ready to Use Layouts

(Ready to Use Layouts)

Our responsive and user-friendly tool aims to ease your job to sell customizable products. It is compatible with all kinds of products having a printable surface and all eCommerce platforms.

Have a business idea and what to launch a store with a ready-to-integrate tool? Our web to print storefront solution is all you need.

Launch a ready-to-use web to print storefront in less than two days


What Do Business Owners Get?

The above points are all about making customization easy for your end-users. Now, let’s see how a business user benefits from web to print software.

Firstly, automating the entire process of designing products reduces manual effort and improves productivity. Finding good professionals in the web to print industry who understand all the processes thoroughly is a challenge. And the pandemic has made it more difficult than ever.

With a web to print software with predesigned templates and several customization features, you do not need additional professionals for designing or communicating with customers as this entire process is self-explanatory.

Further, product customizer automates and speeds up the process of order production and management. This will allow you to focus more on marketing your web to print storefront.

The web to print software by Brush Your Ideas aims to balance user-friendly front-end features and a powerful backend. Here are a few capabilities of the tool you benefit from as an admin:

  • Dynamic pricing lets you decide and set pricing for each and every design attribute. You can charge customers based on the number of templates, clipart, colors, etc., they use.
  • Give your customers complete bifurcation of design customization price using a live pricing system.
  • Easily add and manage various printing methods for your products.
  • Manage layouts of different industries (like apparel, card, gift, etc.), and assign product categories to specific industry layouts using a layout manager.
  • Offer multilingual support by managing language from the backend.
  • Add your watermark to products using the design watermark feature.
  • Have complete control over customization features of the tool using lock features.

Know more about the features and capabilities of our web to print software. Share with us your requirements and get a personalized product tool.


Additionally, our solutions like web to print ERP work as an all-in-one software to streamline all your daily print operations. It provides inventory manager, print job manager, price estimating, quotation, customer management, and more.

Grow Your Business with Brush Your Ideas

The printing industry is swiftly moving ahead with personalization, 3D printing, automation, IoT, artificial intelligence, etc. Embracing trends and technologies is the only way to stand ahead of the competition and grow your business.

With our flagship product – web to print software, you can start selling customizable products in your store. No matter what eCommerce platform your online store is on, our tool is easy to integrate. As per your business logic, we help you customize the tool.

Additionally, our solutions like print job manager, inventory management, etc., helps web to print businesses streamline their operations.

In our 14 plus years of service, we have helped businesses like yours build and grow their online business. Our team is ready with all the expertise and tech tools you need to take your business to the next level. Share your requirements, and we will get in touch with you.

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