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August 5 2018

A research by Smithers Pira – The experts in Digital Labeling & Packaging has concluded that by the year 2019, Market will reach over 200 Billion A4 prints. Now, this is a gigantic number depicts how several companies have embraced the web to print technology. Even Amazon is not an exclusion in this. Just so that you know, it recently got an approval for its patent on Apparel Manufacturing and Warehousing. Which means Amazon customers will be able to create personalized attires and place an order from their favorite website.

Several companies have decided to join this carnival. And if you are planning to do the same, the solutions' arsenal of Brush Your ideas is an ideal platform for you to dress you up for the occasion. If you already have an online shopping site and require a feature-rich Product Design Tool, a demo is all you need!

Now, there is a common problem that some companies face while entering the ecommerce business with web to print capabilities. They require a development partner which has an experience in both; ecommerce and web to print. Brush Your Ideas is one such company that offers ready solutions as well as web to print storefronts for Enterprise and Startup businesses.

Web to Print Storefront for Enterprise:

For any large-scale business, (or the businesses that aim to scale up) scalability and security are the two most important factors. Brush Your Ideas B2C Enterprise plan includes a hosted solution using Magento community edition and ecommerce theme.

Some of the most essential features such as how to manage discounts, brands, analytics, and analytical reports are part of our B2C Standard solution. This solution is ideal for startups. Read on to know more about the Standard B2C solution here Especially for Startups: Brush Your Ideas Storefront Solutions.

Dedicated Features for Enterprise Businesses:

    1. CRM Integration

      A website and web-to-print designer tool integration is not enough for a large business. Your web to print storefront software requires a strong backend support to manage your customers and key stakeholders. We provide an add-on for Enterprise Solution that includes SuiteCRM integration.

    2. Multiple Payment Methods

      Our startup plan only includes a single payment gateway integration. Whereas with an Enterprise plan, we provide an option to choose up to 3 payment gateways.

    3. Multiple Currency Support

      The solution we have designed for the startup already features Multilingual support. However, with the Enterprise plan, there is an additional feature of Multiple currencies.

    4. Google Tag Manager

      Google Analytics is the most basic requirement for an ecommerce. However, to manage a scalable business, you require to be able to track minute details. Key insights such as Page depth, number of clicks at CTAs, and throwing event-based marketing communication without the dependence of development.

    5. Dedicated Hosting and White Label Solution

      Whether you choose our startup plan or the enterprise plan, we only believe in providing dedicated hosting. However, the enterprise plan comes with White Labeling feature includes; therefore, your branding does not get diluted.

    6. Training & Premium Support

      We provide 48 working hours of setup assistance along with up to 20 hours of training. Moreover, our Enterprise plan enables the premium support features to manage your expectations in the best possible manner.

    7. Premium Add-ons

      Some of the enhanced features such as QuickBooks Integration and survey setup using the CRM are available with all our plans.

    8. Customization

      Based on your business objectives, your requirement for the online web to print storefront may vary. Our available plans feature some of the most commonly required assets for a web to print storefronts.

Our personalized demo will help you understand if you require any features other than the ones we offer. We also provide custom features if you choose On-Premise solution at a custom price. Explore our web to print storefront solutions and compare the features. Our personalized demo will help you understand the differences in pricing!


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