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7 Ways to Modernize Your Photo Album Printing Business

7 Ways to Modernize Your Photo Album Printing Businesstable background top view
April 26 2019

Being in the photo album printing business is all about creating a long-lasting memento of your client's favorite memories.

Imagine your customers taking a trip down the memory lane. There was an amazing summer wedding in June that they attended. They posed with their favorite family members & friends and now they are awaiting the arrival of the wedding album. Because that's the only way they would be able to revive the moments experienced there.

That's how it used to be back in the days. No selfies, no mobile galleries, no cloud storage! Only a leather-bound album with a handful of matted portraits.

And that's how your industry worked back then.

Coming back to the 21st century... Now everybody clicks pictures with the bride and groom, take selfies with friends and then they share them online within a fraction of second! Undoubtedly, things have changed. Everyone wants to share everything on social media.

This culture is encouraging digitalization of the photo album industry, making handcrafted photo albums a forgotten treasure.

But we know how you can revive the charm of photo albums among your clients.

Let's see how you can present an old art in a modern way:

Give more Weightage to Pre-selling

Photography is a seasonal business. To attain the full benefits, start spreading awareness in your community before the wedding season starts.

Ways to pre-sell in Photo Album Industry:

  • Create a sample album with creatively shot pictures.

  • Prepare a slideshow of the images of how the final photo album would look and share it around. Social Media, Emails, Among relatives, and of course put it on display.

  • Sharing your photography samples with all the packages & prices is a big plus point.

This way, you would have a bunch of customers wanting to know more about your services.

Present it as a Story

Photo albums are all about portraying a story. Make sure your sample photo album is telling a story and is beautifully presented. Your customers should be able to visualize their own album by looking at the sample.

People looking for a photographer or photo album creator want someone who understands the importance of the photo album.

Online Presence is Important

Make it online. This is the number one rule for any business today. When you wish to pick up a pace into the business world regardless of industry, it is important to give into the technology. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your products to the untapped audience. Build a website which represents your style of work, range of products so that you can easily engulf the market in a short period of time.

Let them Create it

There's a big difference between showcasing your own products and actually letting customers create one for themselves. You can install an Online Photo Album Design Tool into your e-store where your customers can literally design their own products which suit their requirements and events. It increases customer engagement on your website as well as enhances your brand image in the market.

Market Your USP

It is important to promote what you offer. Make your customers aware of the personalized photo album services. After integrating the photo album design tool to your e-store, promote is as much as you can. It takes a village to make customers aware of your services, but if your offerings have good quality, they would anyway come back searching for your products and services. Use the power of digital marketing, social media and make a mark for your business.

Help Them See Long-term

In the marketing funnel, one of the important stages is to make your customers aware of the challenges your products deal with. Let's say 25 years from now, will they be using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat as actively as today? I am sure they would not like to scroll down and down to find their pictures from those days.  Whereas photo albums are golden, they can easily take them out whenever they wish to. In short, technology is changing how we create photo albums, but they can never be replaced with any social media profile!

Offer Packages

Including the albums into your packages can help you win over the budget-conscious customers. Instead of letting them ask for the pricing separately, make it a part of your service. It can be an elegant way to encourage customers to use your services more. You can also offer some special discounts to win the customers. With a free gift card, coupon or credit, your customers are more likely to order album upgrades.

A Moment of Truth

Gone are the days when the customer had limited options available in the market to choose their Photo albums. With the booming industry competition, it's getting tougher to survive. Here, you need to act smartly. Adopt the in-trend ways to make a stable customer base who loves to interact with your products and actually buy them!

We can help you make a store which offers Personalized Photo albums to our customers. Get in touch today!

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