3D Configurator: Revolve Your Printing Business by 360 Degree

3D Configurator: Revolve Your Printing Business by 360 Degree

Tell me what you would choose from the below options:

  • Have continuous back and forth calls with your customers and then finalize the exact design they want to be printed on their products.


  • Let them design their products, and you simply print & ship them.

I bet on you choosing the second option. The second option is not only simple but also a magnet for conversions. Giving the power of all-over customization to your customers will awaken the designers in them and invite more customers to your store. Who will not like to design every corner of the product in the way they desire. Now, you might be thinking, ‘how to provide such a customization facility’?

The answer is a 3D Configurator. It lets you enable this power for your customers in the smoothest way possible. It has marvelous features to help your customers design the products in their desired patterns by applying their favorite texture of the season’s color and pasting texts with their beliefs. It has excellent functioning UX and UI to offer seamless navigation. Its 360-degree configuration and live preview provide an experience of a lifetime.

Here are the points we will be covering in this blog:

Why Choose 3D Configurator as Your Printing Partner?

  • Unique approach
  • Provides high conversions
  • Packed with impeccable features
  • It makes the printing process smooth

It was just a gist of the basic ‘Why’ you must choose the 3D configurator. This tool makes the best printing partner by providing a unique 3D view and a 360-degree configuration approach. It provides configuration in various products like apparel, jewelry, shoes, auto parts, watches, etc. To know more about what benefits it provides to your printing store and how it helps you to stand apart from the crowd, you can read the following blog:

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Enables All-over Customization

From top to bottom, left to right, and all the way around, the 3D configurator lets your customer perform customization on any part of the product. They can try different styles, textures, and colors on different parts of the product. As they keep customizing, the live preview will show them how their product will look in real life so that they can change or lock that style according to their desire. Every customization option is enabled for every part of the product to give customers 100% satisfaction with the final product and your services.

Works as a Safeguard


The Internet is flooded with examples of losing potential clients because of communication issues or unavailability of products that customer demands. Here, a 3D configurator can be a helping hand that prevents you from making promises you may not be able to fulfill later. Instead, it gives thousands of other available options to the customers, which they can self-configure and personalize. This tool will only show the available options to the customers to save you from the bad reviews.


Engages and Attracts Conversions

Engages and Attracts Conversions

In order to attract customers in this competitive world, you require something unique in your store. And what will be more unique than a configurator enabling self-configure on 360 degrees, providing a 3D view, and providing all-over customization options. With the right marketing about your 3D configurator software, you can attract more potential customers and leave the conversions on the software. The smooth navigation will remove the abandonment issue. It will impress and convert the potential customers into loyal ones with its interesting features.


Conquer Limitations With 3D Configurator

Traditional image-based product configurators do not allow customers to explore products from any angle. This causes a massive gap between what the customers see online vs. what they get in hand. While 3D configurator lets customers see their designed products through every angle that diminishes a doubt line between on-screen and reality.

For non-web based 3D product configurators, customers need 3rd party plugins to view the products. This limits the number of customers who can view your products. You cannot even achieve deep analytics of your customer’s needs with the integration of 3rd party data. With a 3D configurator you can conquer this limitation and have all the important insights of your customer’s data.

Benefits of 3D Product Configurators for Your Customers

🗸 Provides a real-time 360 product view of all the angles

🗸 Provides a fun and engaging platform for the customers

🗸 Provides a 3D view

🗸 Strengthen the customer’s trust on your brand

🗸 Saves the to-and-forth time

🗸 Enables transparency of price

🗸 Increases conversions and revenues

🗸 Creates a customer-centric approach

Packed with Incredible Features

With a 3D configurator, you can get fabulous features that help attract, assist, and amaze your customers while making the printing process easier. Let us have a look at its features:

Unlimited Configuration Options

Our 3D Configurator offers your customers infinite designing and customization options. Be it colors, fonts, patterns, clip-art, or textures, the 3D configurator has got it all. With such options, you can provide unlimited personalization possibilities to your customers.

360 Degree Visualization and Live Preview

360 Degree Visualization and Live Preview

Live preview will add a fun element and enhance their shopping experience. Your customers will be more sure about their purchase, decreasing the chances of cart abandonment. If you get an overall personalization in a 3D visual model of each section of the product with a 360-degree configuration, would you say no to it?

Plus, you do not have to worry about complex 3D models that can hamper the load time. This tool will help customers to navigate from one configuration to another smoothly. You will have 5-star reviews of satisfied customers happy with their personalized products from your store.

Mobile First

Mobile phones are the easiest way to surf or buy anything instantly. Thus, if you aim to provide supreme convenience to your customers, having a mobile-first policy is necessary.

Mobile First

It will provide a smooth experience regardless of which device they use, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Providing seamless navigation will result in more engagements and conversions.

Customize and Configure any Part of the Product

Every corner of the product can be customized entirely with design options like textures, patterns, colors, etc.! Plus, 360-degree configuration and 3D visualization let them customize each part precisely and have a close look at how each part of the product will look in real. With such customization options, customers are likely to click the buy button after personalizing their dream products.


Price Calculator as Per Customization

Price transparency is the sure-shot way to win your customer’s trust and avoid further complications like cart abandonment. With a 3D configurator, you can have the total amount of the product displayed right on their screen while customizing their product. You just need to enter the price for each customization action.

The price calculator calculates the final price based on their selected customization. This way, your customers can always be aware of the price in the process of customization.

In-built Designer Options

3D Configurator

With unlimited configuration options, this tool also consists of infinite design options — varieties of clipart, traditional fonts, colors, and talk-of-the-town pictures. All these options are in-built with a 3D configurator to assist your customers.

Smooth CSV File Import

The 3D configurator cuts off the most challenging part – printing the designed products with high quality. The configurator provides print-ready files that you can directly print and ship to the customers. You do not need to worry about quality crashes. The print-ready files are in high resolution to print the best quality designs on the products.


Offer Best Service of All-Over Personalization with Our 3D Configurator

We started from the gist and ended up with a comprehensive list of reasons to opt for this trendy and unique 3D configurator tool. You can customize the configurator tool as per your store’s and customer’s requirements.

Brush Your Ideas is one of the leading developing companies with over 15 years of experience. With our excellent technical and industrial specialists, we are able to knead your needs perfectly in our tools to provide you with the solution that is best for your store. We got you covered for every requirement, from adding customization to your store and customizing the customization tool for your store.

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