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Brush Your Ideas Affiliate Program

Use your affiliate website to earn high commissions on premium products

Who Can Become Our Affiliate?

Brush Your Ideas Affiliate Program is perfect for all website owners who want to monetize their website traffic and earn regular commissions on our product sales. This includes technology bloggers, ecommerce stores, forum owners, product review website owners or anyone else looking to earn money with web traffic.

With our premium products ranging from 79 USD to 2199 USD, our affiliate program can be a good addition to your affiliate blog, giving you excellent commissions even with a few sales.

Program Highlights

Linking Tools And Banners

Get custom affiliate links and ad banner of all sizes that you can use to convert your traffic.

Affiliate Resources

We have detailed documentation, FAQs that will help you get the best out of our program and generate more commissions.

Detailed Reports

You can get detailed reports of your sales, traffic sources and other conversion stats that will help you identify most lucrative traffic sources and work more on them.

Low Payout Limit

You can release your payments once your commissions reach $100. This way you don't have to wait for a month or quarter for your payment release.

How It Works?


You sign up for the affiliate program by filling out the affiliate registration form. If for some reason, the form doesn't work, you can also send an email to We review your application and if it fulfills our selection criteria, approve your application. We give give you access to your affiliate dashboard with all the tools and resources.


You prepare your custom affiliate links and banners from your affiliate dashboard and use them on your website as hyperlinks or ad banners. You can also promote these links in your email newsletters, social media profiles, etc


Your blog/social media/email readers click on your affiliate link, reach our store and buy products. You start earning 15% commission straightaway. As your affiliate sales increase, your commissions also increase.

Affiliate Program Benefits


Make Money Without Hassle

If you are a ecommerce or web technology blogger, all you need to do is redirect your traffic to our website. That’s all! We will take care of the rest and you will earn commissions without any additional efforts.


Consistent Passive Income

Once you start converting traffic from your website into affiliate sales, you can just sit back and your website will keep generating more and more income for you.


Discounts For Yourself

If you are a developer yourself you can use your affiliate links to buy our products and get great discounts.

How Much Can You Earn?

With our affiliate program, sky is the limit! You can earn higher commissions based on your sales according to the following slabs.

product designer affiliate program 0 - 999
earn commission through affiliate 1000 - 1999
earn commission program 2000 - 2999
web-to-print affiliate program 3000 - More

Payments will be made you once your total commission reaches $100 or more.

Frequently asked questions

What Can I Do To Generate Good Sales And Commissions?

If you are a technology blogger focus on building an ecommerce technology community. Focus especially on magento as our products are currently, magento based. In affiliate marketing product reviews give you the best conversion and that’s what you should also do. You should do a review of our products and write keyword oriented content around the products.
To understand the product you are promoting better and to see all it's features in action, you can ask for a guided demo of the product and an understand all its features. Our affiliate manager will help you with this.

How Do I See My Sales And Commission Stats?

Your affiliate dashboard will have all the sales, traffic and commission stats that you can check anytime by logging in. You should regularly check which traffic sources earn you maximum commissions and focus more on promoting your links through those sources.

I Have Heard That It's Difficult To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing. Is It True?

What you have hard is partly true. If you are starting out on a completely blank slate, it will be difficult to earn commissions from our affiliate program. But if you already have a technology blog or website with good traffic and an active community of followers, our affiliate program will be a great and easy way to monetize your website. Our products are premium ($1000 +) and even if you can sell even a handful of such premium products, you can make good money without much additional effort because you already have a website with good traffic.

How Will Brush Your Ideas Payout My Commissions?

We will payout your commission once it reaches the minimum threshold of $100 or when you release it. You can withhold payments and allow the commission to reach your preferred level and then release it. All payments will be made via paypal. So you will need to update your affiliate account with your paypal details.

How Good Are Your Commission Percentages?

Our commission percentages are the best in the industry for comparable product range. With Brush Your Ideas Affiliate Program you can be rest assured that you are getting the best deal you possibly can.

For How Long Will Your Affiliate Cookies Be Valid?

Our cookies will be valid for a month from the time anyone clicks on your affiliate link for the first time. And during this time you will be paid for any purchase the customer does from our store, not just for the product link you were promoting. So you just need to divert traffic to our website and if any purchase is made within one month, you will earn your commission.

What About Products That Involve Recurring Annual Or Monthly Payments?

For any product that is subscription based (monthly or annual) you will receive commission only for the first payment made by the customer.

If I Buy The Products Myself Using My Affiliate Link, Will I Still Earn Commissions?

Yes you will! So if you are a Magento developer and for your next project you think one of our products will be a good fit, you can simply come to our product page through your affiliate link and buy the product. So in effect you will receive a discount equivalent to the commission amount.

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